:antifa: Ted Cruz, “terrorism” 

Ted Cruz is trying to introduce a bill that classifies the mythical and elusive “Antifa” as a “domestic terrorist group.”

This time, instead of arguing that antifascism can’t be classified as a terrorist group bc it’s not a group, argue that terrorist classifications are a part of the carceral white supremacist state’s toolbox of repression, and should be thrown out in total

:antifa: gang injunctions 

When the state of California tried to classify antifascist symbols and logos as “street gang symbols,” the same line of “you can’t do that bc it’s not an official group” was trotted out, and only useful in evading that legal classification

But we have to stand in opposition to ALL gang injunctions, which can add YEARS to sentences and primarily target black and brown people.

Fuck the carceral state! Antifa Siempre!

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:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

Both terrorism charges and gang injunctions target black and brown people first, before targeting a specific mode of (righteous!) political expression

Fuck state constructions of terrorism
Fuck a gang injunction
Fuck cops
Fuck the state
Fuck prisons

Antifascism HAS to be anti-criminalization, especially when it targets us “last”

:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

Betraying the Model City: How Gang Injunctions Fail Oakland


"Gang injunctions sustain white supremacy by not only criminalizing youth of color, but also stigmatizing entire communities."

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:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

@mooncake If they judged the police force by the same legal standarts they catch a gang then they would all be in prison. But it's always a lone wolf when a white person commits a crime in america.

:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

@policeinchains I agree with your first sentence, but I am struggling to see the connection between my post about opposing gang injunctions against antifascists (and black and brown people too) to the second sentence in your post. Can you explain the connection between "lone wolf violence" and what I'm talking about re: the carceral state, terrorism bills, etc?

:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

@mooncake Terrorism bill makes it so that crime of a single individual falls upon the shoulders of all the rest who carry the same symbols that that person carries. Like a gang. When you get carcarated for being a gang member it effecs your sentence that what se other member of the same gang might've done. If we use the same logic and apply it to the badges cops carry they are all should be in jail for being a racist terrorist organisation with a considerable body count. Instead, individual cops get judged and usually get away with murder.

:antifa: fuck the carceral state 

@policeinchains ahhh I understand your connection there. That makes a lot more sense to me, thank you

:antifa: fuck the carceral state 


I'm just tired of people who think nothing of sanctions and bombings so long as they're happening elsewhere (directed by us), but a window breaks across town (because Antifa) and suddenly it's the end of the world. :/

It just smacks of massive empathy failure, couched in "civilized" tones or patriotism or some shit.

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