The Beyond Prisons podcast has been putting together lists of resources for supporting prisoners during the COVID19 epidemic:

Prisons and jails in the US are already a form of slow/social death. Pandemics only speed that up. If you’re stuck at home, if you’re looking for something to do, check out this website and the various guides.

Let’s agitate to bring everyone hope.

Share and boost these demands:

“1. The immediate release of all detained people, especially all pre-trial detainees, the elderly, pregnant, immunocompromised prisoners, as well as all mothers and infants in prison nurseries, and mothers who are postpartum. Additionally, we demand the release of detained people who have less than 18 months on their sentences. We echo the demand by Critical Resistance to commute the sentences of people serving life without parole.”

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"People in prisons, jails, and detention centers are at high risk of infection and have seriously abridged access to health care and hygiene within facilities. The overcrowded and unsanitary conditions of confinement, coupled with inadequate, neglectful, and often punitive responses to medical needs, mean that COVID-19 poses serious risks to this population."

Check out this guide to supporting prisoners during the COVID19 pandemic.

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"We shouldn’t have to do any of this, but we can’t rely on prisons to respond to this crisis in ways that attend to people’s needs; prisons do not resolve, but rather produce and extend crisis."

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