Prisoners are now eligible for the $1200 coronavirus relief check. PLEASE click this link, print out copies, and mail it in to ANY prisoners in this state. The deadline is Oct 15.

Let’s help our friends behind bars get their coin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

if you don't have any contacts inside any US state prisons, you should:

- print out and mail the Prison Policy Institute's statement on stimulus checks for prisoners to the directors of state prisons:

- print out and mail the case document to various administrators of state prison depts:

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Read this FAQ to better understand how to get stimulus checks to currently incarcerated people in the US:

Even faxing a few of the first pages of those documents to state DOC admin is a great way to agitate and call attention to this:

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The Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections is threatening to punish any prisoners who are filing for their stimulus checks. Fuck this bullshit.

"Now that it has been decided that prisoners can get the money, we need them to announce a correction, distribute the 1040 form, and help get this cash on people's books."

Link to phone zap to support prisoners held captive in Pennsylvania cages:

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If you DO know someone who is currently locked up in one of the US' cages, you can file on their behalf online HERE:

Make sure you have their consent and necessary info (SSN, date of birth, etc) before you do so

Here is the detailed PDF of information: abolitioniststudy.files.wordpr

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since there's a definitely sizable group of Mastodon users that are based in and around Portland, please help Critical Resistance Portland distribute stimulus checks to prisoners:

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Okay the ONLINE filing deadline for the stimulus checks for prisoners got extended to Nov 21

But the MAIL IN filing deadline is still Oct 15. Because of course.

So! PLEASE still mail those things in, PLEASE still mail the forms in, call your people, ask them for their consent to file online for them.

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The paper filing deadline for stimulus checks for prisoners got extended to October 30th! this is great news but also we can't slow down.

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To clarify:

Paper filing deadline is October 30

Electronic filing deadline is Nov 21

Here is a link with tons of important info from the law firm litigating on behalf of prisoners:

Here’s a Facebook link to a seminar on how to get this CARES coin to incarcerated people:

Here is a PDF you can print and mail to someone who is currently locked up: abolitioniststudy.files.wordpr

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found out that my JPay messages about the CARES Act were being blocked

but now i found out they're being printed out and distributed to my friends who are incarcerated after a day of harassing prison officials at the state and individ. prison levels

seriously, fuck prisons and cages and doubly fuck the people who maintain them

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@mooncake whoa thanks for the reminder. i’m going to try to file on behalf of someone and i was worried we’d be cutting it close.

if you live in MAINE and you want to help, please DM me!! we're systematically mailing everyone we could get an address for, but there's only a few of us

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