*deletes long discourse*

what i'm trying to say is that a lot of people who are all about anarchy over anarchism, in fact are very bad at both. looking at you, theory bros and manarchists alike


but yeah, at the least, lived experience/praxis will be better than a theoretical group effort, and all that can entail, good and bad

that being said, I still like anarchism 馃憖
@ombres @mooncake anarchism is the ossified spectacular mirror image of anarchy, which is known to everyone yet forever evasive in essence.

Just like its proponents, anarchism is a vague, dodgy, inauthentic position that relies on fixed mythical representations (the riot, the smashy-smashy, the black bloc, the "mutual aiiiiid!", etc). I found it to be also just an edgier, more adolescent label for socio-democracy.They (the academic anarchist intelligentsia) almost made an official party out of it, but thanks to the anarchy-ists, it was aborted late... but not too late l-)
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