you, ignorant: eat the rich
me, brilliant: Consume The Richard.

funny how a "wage" is what workers get under capitalism but "wage" is also a verb as in "to wage war" funny

top gun 

despite flying in identical weather and lighting conditions, the american pilots fly with their visors up while the "enemy" pilots fly with their visors down. we can see the eyes of the american pilots, which tells us they are human like us, but we cannot see the eyes of the "enemy", which tells us their humanity is doubtful. it's always easier to kill faceless monsters.

thinking about anarchism 

and how its good


this has been an awful year in many ways but i still believe in working towards a better tomorrow. to that end @abundance and i have drafted an anti-capitalist software license for those of us who want to share software in a way that empowers others without contributing to capitalism as a system. it fills a void for the two of us and we hope it might be useful to you as well!

one sentiment that feels strange to me in some of the Marxist stuff I read is the optimism that the collapse of capitalism and it's replacement by socialism is inevitable. I can't wrap my head around the sense of inevitability. maybe it's a European thing? a belief that we are marching towards something coherent and positive? I don't have a sense that history owes us justice or even coherence. The "bad guys" win often. if we want a better world we have to make it, otherwise it doesn't happen.

is waldo the evil version of maldo, the man you can find easily in a crowd

thinking about all the times in my life I heard that things like greed and markets were "just human nature" and how that's all just capitalist propaganda based on nothing

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