no one:

tiqqunists: cancel culture bad. ressentiment bad.

i finally got around to reading this piece and it's a good rebuke to those who deploy the phrase "imperial core" and conceptualize EVERYONE within it as living a First World lifestyle.

listening to reports about this new variant of the v*rus has legit got me freaked out.

see y'all in 2022!

I need every single non-black person who practices antifascism to read this review of Natasha Lennard’s new book:

Searching for Black Thought in White Antifascism by Zoé Samudzi

me upon exiting kolektiva: on second thought, let's not go to is a silly place.

"I was a post-left anarchist..."

By my new band, Against You!

have a good week compxs.
one day we'll abolish time & work.
until then: the struggle / the grind.

AHORA │Imagen del Incendio de iglesia en Calle Carabineros de Chile.



Randomly up late night, hitting the pen and trying to get back to sleeeeep

it's Friday why am I listening to sad ass cat power songs lol

Thailand declares state of emergency to stop democracy protests 

#Thailand declares a national emergency, forbidding gatherings of more than 5 people, as 100s of 1000s protest for #democracy, limitation of royal power, and a new constitution. Prominent protest leaders arrested.

it's not surprising that pretty much all my radical homies all move unaffiliated and yet are active in their own self-paced ways.

Bird site is down so maybe gonna toot about MLB on here lol

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