have a good week compxs.
one day we'll abolish time & work.
until then: the struggle / the grind.

AHORA β”‚Imagen del Incendio de iglesia en Calle Carabineros de Chile.

VΓ­a @sebvsilva@twitter.com


Randomly up late night, hitting the pen and trying to get back to sleeeeep

Thailand declares state of emergency to stop democracy protests 

#Thailand declares a national emergency, forbidding gatherings of more than 5 people, as 100s of 1000s protest for #democracy, limitation of royal power, and a new constitution. Prominent protest leaders arrested. asia.nikkei.com/Politics/Turbu

it's not surprising that pretty much all my radical homies all move unaffiliated and yet are active in their own self-paced ways.

Learning to Exhale (TW abuse -- a zine in response to Commune Magazine dodging accountability, and an augmentation of the literature on Transformative Justice) 

"In many ways, intimate partner abuse mirrors the patterns of colonization. Like colonizers, abusers exploit, extract from, and brutalize their victims, leaving us to become shells of ourselves, before creating a narrative to justify their oppressive behavior..."


i like the idea of mastadon but the fact that instances carry themes makes me not-engage-as-much cuz i feel compelled to make (anti-)political toots y a veces no quiero.

TERRITORIOS β”‚MaipΓΊ la tiene clarΓ­sima.


VΓ­a @organica_maipu@twitter.com

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