i finally got around to reading this piece and it's a good rebuke to those who deploy the phrase "imperial core" and conceptualize EVERYONE within it as living a First World lifestyle.

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@not_into_it "the Fourth World isn’t a single nationalized entity, but a compass that directs our liberation strategies toward permanently bettering the existence of the subaltern of subaltern populations."

nice / i like the idea of a compass (political compass jokes aside)

@mooncake but what's interesting is that it's a compass not tied to the map of nation-state borders.

@not_into_it @mooncake

I'm reminded of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine where she discusses the other side of this, the world collapsing into a series of green zones.

@aaaaargZombies there is a similarity but the different is that the Fourth World is cut across racial & class lines and not just zones of general safety.

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