i guess i control my terminal windows with..yaml now? LOL

anyone know what i need to do to remove uninstalled apps from tcc.db in mojave? The presence of uninstalled apps in my privacy settings is giving me THE CRAZIES. help.

how to ensure LOLz: first, release a new version popular software package with a highly anticipated but sparsely documented feature. next, watch people spontaneously correlate it to preexisting problems.

has someone written a pretty looking and extremely up to date & functional xmpp client for os x since last week?

(i work in a mostly unlit room, have six monitors, used to take meds that made my eyes slow to transition blah blah. warm colors are addictive, i think.)

I had my work desktop set to manually enter 'night shift' during my work day for a year or so, warming the color about half way. I switched back to normal gamma yesterday, mid day and ZOMG it made my eyes die. It's going muuuuch better today, praise jobu.

for anyone following in on my jabber tail of woe, i ended up using bitlbee after i could not get profanity to connect. i last used bitlbee in the mid 00's.

anyone know of an up-to-date (anti-aliased font..) xmpp client for os x? messages removed support in 10.14 and adium, the old standby, had font jaggies. Trillian worked, just wont let me join group chats. HALP!

anyone know wtf i'm supposed to do to make gpg use the right pinentry program when gui or cli? currently, when remote, i can't bounce through my machine, as the gui pinenty asks for passphrase. updatestartuptty does nothing.

damn thing is syslogging like...a syslogger. i approve. now, please excuse me while i figure out which of the 27 places i need to configure remote logs in panos is borked.

plans for today: setup central syslog. i will do nothing else.

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extremely random: does anyone know of an octagonal gate for a hori haybusa?

if today is your new year, happy new year. please, tell me the future sucks less than the present.

10 hours ot between sat 6pm and sunday 6pm and somehow my ass is still here to reboot shit at 0600 monday. meh.

if you use tail instead of less, whyyyy??? less +F is magical.

they asked me what we could do to improve things at work. my suggestion is a very verbose way of saying REMOVE ARBITRARY HIERARCHY.

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