anyone good with elasticsearch? i got a question about fielddata for text fields that i can't figure out.

Does anyone know what a humanoid’s gotta do to get the grub menu to display properly on ttyS1? I get boot messages and a console, but only after grub fills the console with garbage and the system begins booting. being able to select a kernel or single user would be helpful. Ubuntu 18.04LTS. I hated lilo, but it was easy to make it dance.

i really hate getting screwed out of time and a half by holidays. I will say this every single time i get screwed. You know what's the 4th week after xmas? MLK.

besides it being a more complex configuration, does anyone have a reason i should connect my cable modem directly to a switch and use vlans? i'd like to be able to span egress, this seems like the easiest way to accomplish that.

is there some nice scrobbler app for os x that i'm missing? i'm currently using neptunes.

update: t2600-28ts is infuriating, I've ordered a 3750g-24ts because 1)jumbo frames lolwut? 2)debug authentication lolwut? 3)ssh timeout values have no observable effect on ssh etc.

hardest part is wrapping my head around the vaguely ios but not quite ios cli exp

no poe, but it's got some basic l3 functionality and i was able to make lacp work. can't complain, really, for about $100.

i needed a larger 'core' switch at home, 8 ports was no longer cutting it. i was gonna get used cisco shit, but decided i didn't want the hassle of something used being unreliable,so i bought a tp-link t2600g-28ts. not a bad little switch, so far.

i'm a firm believer in the old adage 'if you're gonna do something, do it right'. i feel like most efforts stop sort of that. it's very nice to see thoughtful and courteous examples of things, as they are good starting points towards providing the head space that leads to learning and comprehending/understanding. at least for me, but i'm a weirdo.

i will never not hate being the first person into the office after a holiday, as the radroaches get frisky.

nothing like the living hell that is preparing for the arrival of inlaws. my body is not ready.

i stopped getting sms on my mac since i did a clean install of mojave. fix your shit, clowns.

gonna do this whalebird thing. it looks like tweetbot and i'm pretty sure i'm more into tweetbot than birdsite itself.

i guess i control my terminal windows with..yaml now? LOL

anyone know what i need to do to remove uninstalled apps from tcc.db in mojave? The presence of uninstalled apps in my privacy settings is giving me THE CRAZIES. help.

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