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solidarity with the people of rojava against turkish invasion

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The South isn’t some endless wasteland of hyperconservative hicks. It’s large swathes of marginalized and often very radical people being repressed by far-right States which perpetuate themselves by disenfranchising most of their subjects.

whenever I post about doing IRL radical action I get a lot of praise and things, and a lot of people who say "I wish I could do that too". not everybody can go there and fight fascists, not everybody can go out there and march for 5 hours in a huge mob of thousands, not everybody can risk being arrested. that's ok! please, never beat yourselves up for not having the abilities of somebody who is more abled and privileged.

first and foremost these actions are done so we can live in a world where the concept of you as merely worth what you can do productively is abolished. it's ableist bullshit to beat yourself up because of what you can't do, and you deserve better than that.

second of all, the movement is so much wider than just those of us who go to demos, protests ect. there are secondary things like emotional labour to help people keep on going under capitalism, it's a deep and radical form of care that is extremely taxing and hard at times. then there's those who can organise people and groups, get the ball rolling, you don't always need to be psychically able in the internet age to help organise IRL actions. then you come to online anti fascism, taking down fash websites and propaganda, organising deplatforming of public events. producing propaganda, helping spread that online and giving it to people IRL as a resource. all of these secondary things are so key to any movement.

you're worth a lot no matter how much you can do, every person is appreciated even if they're just there to be a good friend and keep spirits high. don't ever think you're not worthy because of what you can't do

It begins, the largest strike in over a decade as 49,000 workers walkout st General Motors nationwide – At GMCH Main Lot

USpol, libs tryna steal "antiauthoritarian" 

Please pay attention to the propaganda! Do not applaud people surviving in this dystopia! Instead burn down the dystopia!

Reminder that empathy isn't the same as sympathy and compassion. Someone who doesn't have empathy can be sympathetic and compassionate.

Being queer in a red state - good interview 

Being queer in a red state - good interview 

just to not sound so negative: a lot of the cultural and historical stuff is pretty cool though, but i couldnt get along with most of the tourist appeal centering around the nightlife

shit closes way too early so i didnt get to see as much as id have liked

i will say one more things: everyone smokes cigarettes here, everywhere, all over public, and its wrecked my allergies

theres no concern for secondhand smoke blowing into the lungs of others

but theres a huge pride in something like the sugar tax, which is supposed to reduce consumption and obesity despite none of the funds going to it and also not scientifically proven to actually work that way

in fact, the point was to target the lowest income brackets with it in some ways

theres some other stuff im not fully willing to discuss openly but could do so locked if anyone cared

i will visit again, hopefully out in the countryside rather than just dublin next time to actually hear daily irish speakers rather than just get a glimpse and see it on most of the signs

this trip to ireland has clarified or resolved some beliefs and plans of mine at varying points, including political

i gained experiential knowledge of why the irish language is dying, the commonalities between the US and other western countries (bc i also dealt with other tourists), among other things

i also realized i could never move here, bc its as much a neoliberal hellscape as any back home in the US, what with the housing crisis, ridiculous cost of living, and more

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