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'Racialized Surveillance in the Digital Ser­vice Economy'
Winifred R. Poster

i straight up yell at people for doing it now, even close friends, bc in order to call them a close friend to begin with, they fucking have to have known better at some point (im not associating with people doing shitty things or flirting with shitty things)

i have zero patience for devils advocate arguments

im so tired of tryna have legitimate discussions with people and someone bringing up the opposing side "for the sake of it"

there are better ways to counter, contrast, understand, address, etc, than to take the position of the opponent "for the sake of it"

we are designing the flag tonight and planning the rest out
we will proudly fly it visible to the street
the currency is the epi, named after my brothers dog, and its just a picture of her right now
the symbol is 🐶 and the exchange rate is 🐶3 to $1
no matter what happens to the USD, the epi will always be worth 3 of it

i just declared the discord server community i comanage as a micronation and we claimed the house two folks rent that most of us meet up at to chill as our first territory

8chan Is a Megaphone for Gunmen. ‘Shut the Site Down,’ Says Its Creator.

He created it to be cancer, he doesn't get to complain when it gets out of control

i hate looking back at things and seeing typos i cant reasonably go back and fix now
it really bums me out

ICE, Really good news non-trivial domain blocks, pls read non-trivial domain blocks, pls read 

Perpetuating the status quo is political, whether you choose to acknowledge this or not. Going off on people who disrupt the status quo is political. Dismissing people's concerns as "political" is extremely political. Everything you were doing that they are telling you to stop doing is political, and so is your response to them telling you to stop doing it. You can do other political things besides what you're doing right now.

instance block 

a quick refresher about ableism in the English language 

Protip: if you have to put "will you rename this software so it's not named a slur" in your FAQ, maybe you need to rename your software so it's not named a slur

reminder that open source is like only 3%-5% women and that is not by accident

ACAB, Buzzfeed, Bootlickers, PRIDE

i love to talk logistics, and since this happened locally, ima just leave it here with one question: what if this were done intentionally and in more places?

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