Should I toot an #introduction? I guess…?
:leftsharkdance: I’m a blue tick on the birdsite, and therefore part of the problem
:heart_trans: I’m a queer, HIV-positive, extremely left wing activist and criminal lawyer
:firstnations: I live completely off-grid at an undisclosed location on Dja Dja Wurrung country, in central so-called Victoria
:comrade: My pronouns are he/him/comrade
 I don’t tolerate TERFs, SWERFs, or cops whether sworn or self-appointed 
:blobcheerbounce: I’m interested in public policy, social theory, law, risk, gender, consent … and #eurovision:vibing: I’ve been on Mastodon since the early days. I can also be found at

The “survey” pre war also chills my bones. They asked 3 questions of the dads institutionalised kids (paraphrased):
1. Would they consent to a “painless shortening of life” due to life being hard.
2. What if u were dead?
3. But what if they’re in pain?
4. What does wifey think.

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Ten thousand people marched in Paris for and rights today. I wish that we could conjure up that degree of solidarity here.

Twenty minutes to my Commercial and Corporate Law Practice assessment … one hour and 20 minutes to erasing all traces of commercial and corporate law from my brain.

Just successfully logged into my ✳️ diaspora* account; hoo boy it is DECEASED 💀. Hoping Mastodon doesn't go the way of diaspora*, Ello and so many others…

Choose Your Class:

⚒️ Arch-Communist (Health/Dodge Tank, High Sustain)

🏳️‍🌈 Gendernouveau (Defense Tank, Heavy Damage Buffs & Mitigation)

🐺 Socialist Fursona (Melee DPS, High Burst Damage)

🔥 Aesthetic Anarchist (Melee DPS, Self-Sustain, Positionals)

📔 Theorycrafter (Ranged DPS, Continuous Damage)

⌨️ Codemonkey (Ranged DPS, Caffeine Stacks, Debuffs)

🎨 Artisan Inque (Healer, Unique Buffs, Rotational Spells)

👩‍⚕️ Pop Psych (Healer, Extreme Burst Healing, Shields)

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