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People in Forest Grove need your support! Come support your fellow friends and then come on down to Seaside at 7. and FOREVER

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It is the 69th day of protests in Portland, OR


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Rent-a-cop wasn't doing so hot

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On July 25th, @DHS_Wolf@twitter.com tweeted a video from earlier in the day of a limping DHS agent with the caption "20 injuries to federal officers", @cdsupriyadi@twitter.com captured what actually happened that night, a federal agent faking an injury to justify use of force.

Credit: @1misanthrophile@twitter.com

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[Video] A federal agent gets "hit" by a flying object that doesn't even impact near him. It bounces up and barely touches him, he thinks about it and decides to fake limp away.

This is such bullshit it is borderline humorous.

- @PNWAntifascist@twitter.com

[πŸ“ΉVideo by @cdsupriyadi@twitter.com]

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@ProudBulba@twitter.com Portland Protest Bureau telling protesters to β€œshut the fuck up” is cool cool cool wtf

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What a fucking large group of liars. I was there and they were not.

Remember, the bloc is not part of no group. Portland Protest Bureau is a bunch of clout chasers.

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An activist for the Portland Protest Bureau begins to speak. The crowd boos.

The activist talks about all the groups of here: Portland Protest Bureau, Black Unity. They say they led the AZ at Ted Wheeler's house


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Feds have been mining social media for images and video of protestors to pursue charges against them. Please set your video to a lower quality and/or blur and block people's faces (even if they're masked) in order to prevent comrades from being surveiled by the State. TY.

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*queue infighting*
"Courtesy of Portland Protest Bureau".

I'm probably gonna go home. πŸ–•

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[VIDEO]: March from Peninsula Park to North Precinct.

The protest made the appearance they were going to the Portland Police Union building but took a hard turn and quickly went to North Precinct.

Special thanks to @PNWYLF@twitter.com, @DirectActionPDX@twitter.com, @FSBPDX@twitter.com ✊

- @PNWAntifascist@twitter.com

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On every image shared around, if you change the contrast and brightness, you'll be able to see "PNWACN", this was started by us but our influence is lower and we rather not divide resources in this action.

Head to Peninsula Park!


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In regards to this event, it appears @PNWYLF@twitter.com is hosting another event at Peninsula park a few blocks down the road.

Collectively we agreed to ask those who back channeled this event to please show up to Peninsula park instead

See more in next post for verification

With the massive increase in federal involvement, it should be assumed they're already in your communications and tracking your ever move.

Please practice good operational security at all times.

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We have put together a basic protesters guide to some of the simplest Operational Security tactics.

Please share among your comrades and friends!

- Lock/Encrypt your phone
- Encrypt your messages
- Conceal your identity!

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I’m hearing really concerning reports that PPB cars are showing up at the houses of people involved with the Witches, OHSU Medics, Ghost Mob, and others. If this is happening to you, DM me and we can talk on Signal.

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Fuck the portland protest bureau and fuck Rose City Justice

These assholes just pushed a Black femme out of the park

a Black femme who has been organizing in for years

and ice

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It's not my room to share the photo online but Ivan was making out with Princess and some others (names escape me at the moment). Interesting crew dynamic but it is now my understanding this has caused some internal division between their members and split them into groups.

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This guy is named Ivan, he has obvious anger issues and was seen making out with multiple members of Portland Protest Bureau, its unclear why they still allow him to attend when he puts so many at risk and acts like a hot head.

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The red camo pants white guy just rushed up on a group of femmes and spit at them, threatened to kill them said people were being racist toward him

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No comment, thought so. Putting our community at risk is the norm with these type of orgs.

Time to get radicalized, learn and grow past this. πŸ–€β€

Cut the act @pdxprotestbur@twitter.com

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Last night, Portland Protest Bureau was intimidating and copjacketing a random person.

Icky icky, get your shit together @pdxprotestbur@twitter.com

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Last night, Portland Protest Bureau was intimidating and copjacketing a random person.

Icky icky, get your shit together @pdxprotestbur@twitter.com

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