overpopulation is unscientific bullshit which blames the poor for the crimes of the rich, this is litraly what it was invented for

*none* of our problems are the result of population, the vast majority are the result of distribution, and who has the power in making decisions

cities are better for the environment than people living in many more defuse settlements , especially dense ones, they enable more public transport, reduce resources needed by individual people etc

the idea people living in small groups which where everyone knows each other and gets on and lives in harmony with nature is a middle class myth, it never existed and our future will be built on what we have now

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family planing, contraception access to abortion etc needs to be for enabling people to decided when they want to be pregnant and how many children they want. anything targeted at reducing population will tend towards genocide, this is how its always being used, the targets are always ethnic minorities the poor, and people with disabilities

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and finally there is no part of the earth untouched by humans, wilderness is a colonial myth, the parts that look wild and natural are the result of genocide, where people were killed or forcibly remove to create national parks

or else you simply dont know what things would genuinely be like with out people

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@radicalgraffiti have you read the theories that the jungles are as… they are (i think i just ran out of words tonight) because humans helped shape them that way?

@meena i read and saw a documentary about how the amazon was originally full of farms, before colonisation, theres been some lidar surveys recently, that found evidence of some of these settlements and farms

i also recall someone posting about how people used to plant trees that produced fruit they like in forests, which would make sense, but i dont know what there source was

@radicalgraffiti On the average, when people can choose when they want to be pregnant, they usually choose to have fewer children anyway. Factoring in increased global access to reproductive health & education resources we aren't necessarily looking at an exponential growth curve in human population 50 years from now

@lunasspecto yes, being pregnant and rasing children seems like a lot of work, it makes sense people wouldn't want to do it all the time

@radicalgraffiti i would extremely agree, if cities were actually built for humans instead of cars

i also feel there's an upper limit to where the size of the city no longer scales: 1-2 millions after that it's really hard to get in touch with people who are in power in the city

@meena i think many smaller, but dense urban centres with good transport links is probably preferable to one huge one, very large cites seem to have many centres within them anyway

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