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It's true *even* when it comes to revolutionary struggle. Let's expand our notion of labor and workers to those who are laboring unpaid, under the table, undocumented, unlawful, and generally unacknowledged.
We're in this together. β’ΆπŸ΄β’Ί

Sometimes I cry in relief:
~when I encounter art because it is still being made in the midst of late stage capitalism
~when I see people with the odds stacked against them succeeding and making it instead of just surviving
~when I see news stories of people standing up for each other and themselves because there's proof that people I am not connected to are resisting elsewhere.
I am just a softy I guess...

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I'm having a lot of trouble affording bus fare and paying my bills lately. I'm not begging. I have a RedBubble store. I'm selling stickers, t-shirts, notebooks, and more with my art on it.

If you buy something it would help me a lot and you would know you're helping an autistic trans activist. But I also hope you would be getting something you would enjoy owning as well.

I regularly feel personally threatened by targeted advertizing... x_x;;;

Oh yea, does have community guidelines? How do I get to them?

I will try not to shitpost too much but I am definitely a fan of the memes.

ACP πŸŽ‰πŸ°

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