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"...pointing towards revolution means embracing its strategic position. The struggle against police...can be elevated to one for liberation. Stopping the war on Black America means stopping the capitalist...oppression of Black people. Capitalist dynamics lay at the heart of so many unresolved contradictions...a broad front against the capitalist system becomes movements that want to move from righteous rebellion to victorious revolution."

If socialism is so good then how come democratically elected leaders keep randomly getting assassinated?

Here's the thing about US intervention:

1) It is NEVER done to "improve" things. It's always done for US economic interests

2) The US empire NEVER actually "desires a positive outcome." What does that even mean? The US empire wants resources, cheap labor, privatization, markets
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Here's the thing about US intervention - if it is 1) very clear Washington can improve, not worsen things, 2) obvious US actually desires a posi…

Every time I get hopeful that some friend or family member is starting to get radicalized, out comes some reactionary viewpoint from their mouths. Or even worse is the political apathy; not because of being burned by the system so many times they feel it's hopeless, but because they're well-off *enough* that although things could be better for them, they don't care enough about others to help them or don't see themselves as potentially in their position.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has a Freudian slip where he describes the actiual goal of NATO: “deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe.”

Since the main #invidious instance is closing down soon let me recommend It's an instance where the video proxy option is enabled by default.
So if you post a video here in the #Fediverse people who block #Google with browser addons or whatever can see it right in your post and don't have to first click the link and enable video proxy.

#FuckOffGoogle #LivingWithoutGoogle #GAFAM #Youtube

"[...]they are best understood not as the end of World War II, but as the beginning of a new war and an altogether new historical era. What some refer to as the 'Cold War,' in fact began with nuclear incineration and massive human casualties. The bombs directly targeted Japan, but politically took aim at the USSR, the worldwide communist movement and those colonized people fighting for national liberation."

Parents thinking that because they have children "they know best," while saying that schools need to be reopened immediately is absolutely wild.

There's definitely not a pandemic going on right now which threatens not only the health of your children, but of everyone in the school in contact with them as well as yourselves. But who cares about that, right? 🙄

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A disturbing new document outlines plans for a US regime-change scheme against Nicaragua's elected leftist government, overseen by supposed "humanitarian" agency USAID, to bring about a “market economy” and purge of leftist Sandinistas.

By @benjaminnorton

noun: bourgeoisie
adjective: bourgeois
hope this helps you out

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Growing up, I really disliked hats. My hair is thick, grows really puffy, and started getting curlier/wavier the older I got. I would always end up with hair flipping up where the hat lay, total hat hair.

Now I just want all the hats. Fidel hat, Lenin hat, a warm hat with ear flaps that kinda looks Lenin-y. The waviness and hair flipping is a total Che look. Even better, adding the Fidel hat + sunglasses + beard makes me look scary to white boomers.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

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BT examines whistleblower testimony from the OPCW, reported by journalist @aaronjmate, questioning the claims of a chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria in 2018. We ask: were the facts manipulated to promote a pro-war agenda?

Full Vid:

It's not that soft-imperialist US social democrats "never learn"; rather, they continue dutifully fulfilling their role as useful idiots of imperialism, providing fake "leftist" cover for coups, regime-change ops, and destabilization/sabotage campaigns

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Brazil's Workers' Party govts were widely condemned by the feckless US "left" for not being leftwing enough

They helped give "left" cover for overthrowing the Dilma govt (then leading to fascist Bolsonaro)

Jacobin was at the lead of this disinfo campaign

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There is also an increasingly extreme campaign growing against Mexico's left-wing President AMLO, being led by far-right oligarchs who are very reminiscent of Bolsonaro and his fascist supporters in Brazil

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Liberalism is just fucking bullshit, it is the psyop of psyops. Fucking Clintons, both insidious Machiavellian thinkers, same with Obama... These Liberals put on the facade for you, be they Blair, Biden, or who ever.

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