Successful part one of our OoTF study group! Plus it was so nice seeing comrades, even if it was just through video.

The only problem is that we have migrated to Zoom. I *hate* Zoom. As it's proprietary, needs flatpak that requires PulseAudio which I did not need or want. On top of that, it won't work correctly with a flatpak without a session manager, so had to install elogind.

PA has already frozen w/ 100% CPU usage and I've had to navigate weird quirks that don't happen with just ALSA.

Hosting a local (well, online) study group of Engels' Origin of the Family, Private Property, and The State.

And damn, re-reading and during the discussion/creation of the guide I realized how big the chapter on The Family is. Also it's a phenomenal text if anyone hasn't read it yet, especially the tie-in of the development of the family with the introduction of private property/monogamy/patriarchy spelling the end of women as a whole in society.

So basically a reminder to read theory.

The US is an absolutely barbaric country. Its response to this pandemic is literally the worst in the world

If people can get treatment (which is rare), they can't even afford it; it's bankrupting them

Meanwhile the garbage DNC says this can never change

Entire family in NJ gets coronavirus, GoFundMe posted to help them pay "mounting" medical bills updated yesterday to say the father has passed awa…

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don't like the new rent strike bot. like telling people to simply stop paying rent is pretty irresponsible, that'll just get them evicted...

if you want to actually get anywhere you can't just "share this with ten people" you need to organize *locally*, with people who rent from the same landlord

What a welcome once you get off the plane. Leningrad looking pretty good so far.

65% of Russians regret the overthrow of the Soviet Union (only 26% don't regret it), according to this new study by an independent polling firm. 63% believe it could have been avoided

Cold War propaganda was built on endless lies

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The USA will soon have the world's worst coronavirus outbreak

A massive humanitarian catastrophe is about to hit the American people like a tidal wave, killing many thousands

The US gov't could have prevented this—but it chose Wall Street over the people

I love how the executives at my company when asking for things from me always try to mention their personal gain.

Like no, you telling me how getting this updated will give you an extra 30% bonus makes me even less likely to want to do this. You get paid a minimum of probably 10x what I do without including your fat bonus check. Fuck off, I work to not starve, I don't need reminding how much bigger your paycheck is because of what I do.

China is not murdering Muslims in concentration camps. China is not neo-colonialist/imperialist. China is not attempting to wipe out a portion of their population.

China is not the equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Even with COVID-19 dominating the news, I still see plenty of talk blaming China with racist talking points and linking to US-backed "sources". US hegemony is failing and the bourgeoisie are desperate to maintain control.

if i was a landlord whose tenants had organised a rent strike, i'd simply learn to code

BREAKING: ICE just announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in a person in ICE detention.

The moment is urgent: We must drastically reduce the number of people in ICE detention. Failing to do so will result in an unnecessary, and preventable, humanitarian crisis.

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Thank God white people are racist as shit and stay far away from Asian and Hispanic-catered stores; I was finally able to buy eggs at La Michoacana. Plus refilled my tortilla supply!

every GOP ghoul is talking about "balance" and getting "back to work", it's so transparently evil

the "balance" is literally tens of thousands more deaths for the sake of their portfolios/fake money

i didn't think i could actually feel visceral disgust for this country anymore

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