Facebook has just bought for $400m.

A website which hosts free gifs. Valued at four-hundred million dollars. And the majority of those gifs come from media created by costumers/writers/mic operators/camera techs etc. who don't see the value they create normally, let alone in hyper-inflated purchases like this.

How does this make any sense? It doesn't.

@savoy it’s advertising’s world, we just generate content for it 🙃


@mood @savoy I wish I had the mental willpower right now to get back into self-hosting 😕

@savoy thank you for this post

from the ashes and sackcloth i've been seeing i thought i was missing something

I'm afraid it does: Facebook can collect more data from those who use a different messenger :mastoflushed:

@savoy Of course it makes sense. Usage data. And reaction gifs were already a thing on Instagram. Now they control that too.

Giphy used to host a lot of racist shit because nobody moderated it. I imagine they're just avoiding that while they take in the kpop-gif-reaction audience.
@savoy now imagine that instead of posting "wow capitalism sure is crazy" posts on backwater social networks, anticapitalists had made giphy. They'd have 400 million dollars to fight capitalism with!

@velartrill @lain A rich class traitor using their parent's money to fund revolution would be quite helpful rn


it blows my mind to realise the whole deal with acquisitions is (probably?) the company didn't have the 'value' it's being priced at to anyone except whoever is buying it

tumblr? probably useless to anyone but yahoo
giphy? probably useless to anyone but facebook

but then facebook gets the audacity to think it can "recycle" 'garbage' companies that can't make money for anyone lacking its own vast resources / time in which to find some diabolical way to monetise them

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