Okay, I've done it

I've found the one GOOD ad for a self-published SFF series on Amazon

Portland, OR call to action 

Sign up to tell Ted Wheeler you don’t want an emergency budget ordinance to *increase* police spending and cut social services. The meeting is on Wed 10th at 2pm. us02web.zoom.us/webinar/regist

just saw a poll which suggests that more zoomers unironically think that ghosts are real than approve of the cops right now, and, yeah, sounds about right

Block recommendation; Birbsite mention 

Btw, in case someone asks what the difference between Fedi and Twitter is

You can tell them that at least on scholar.social, there was a white supremacist who made a jack-in-the-box account to suddenly spam us with racist bs, and they got blocked within 10 mins of their first post

The Fedi has problems: anti-blackness, latent (and sometimes overt) anti-queer hate, clique-iness and irony poisoning

But you'd never get a Nazi deleted in 10 mins on Twitter

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Wow, just realized I haven't changed my avi since last Pride, so like... here we are again. Wow. Time sure does fly when everything is bloody awful.

just read a description of a tool's Nut-Busting Torque and it's too early for that

uspol, LMFAO (birdsite mention, but neutral) 

Just saw a tweet where someone was criticizing Sanders and Warren for not joining the protests that referred to them as "Stents & the Revolution" and "23andMemaw" respectively, and I'm sorry, but I may never get off of the floor from laughing so hard.

birdsite, but actually LOL 

Looking over on the ol' hellsite to follow the protests, and saw some people getting into a ludicrous argument, and someone just replied, "Christ, you're a bore," and like... that's basically ALL of Twitter in a nutshell, innit?

NYC pol 

Time for another chorus of "This fucking guy" directed at de Blasio.

uk, psa, drugs 

well i just learned a thing through scary experience.

beware of poppers containing isopropyl nitrate.
previous forms of poppers were made illegal in the UK in 2006, so the main ingredient was swapped out for something that could be sold legally- isopropyl nitrate.
this substance will cause you sight problems, potentially permanently damaging your eyes.
my vision has mostly returned, thankfully, but i won't be fucking with that again.
check the lancet article on poppers maculopathy.

why the mostly harmless version was made illegal while the one that blinds you is widely sold, i have no idea. friends don't let friends blind themselves through ignorance, so please let people know about this stuff.

as your resident chemist: in general, don't put shit other than water or buffered saline solution in your eyes. chem lab eyewashes are just water! flush for an extended periods of time; 15 minutes ideally, but as long as you have. pack spare squeeze water bottles, for you and for others. I've heard mixed reports about the safety of Liquid Antacid + Water, and it deffo won't work better than saline solution. don't risk it

also, remove your contact lenses immediately!! stuff gets stuck under them

Me, 3 weeks ago: You know, us all having to wear masks everywhere sure is going to mess with facial recognition software when we end up having to protest something again.

Me, 3 days ago: Well, that was prescient of me.

PSA on CW 

I'd just like to say, please CW stuff, *especially* important stuff.
Especially now.
Be kind and mindful of one another in those hard times.
And for those that do CW, thank you, thank you very much for helping people stay sane.

And if you see something that doesn't have a CW when it should, on your instance, report it, your admins can let their users know to CW stuff.

"love" how successfully the concept has been spread that anarchists want mad max to be reality and want to be able to get away with breaking peoples' stuff because it's fun

seattle pol, ACAB, info for anyone planning to protest today 

From Twitter; the SS have their body cameras turned off. It's up to us to record the fuckers.


NYC protests, cops, worker solidarity (+!) 

Protesters in Brooklyn cheered when an MTA bus driver refused to transport arrested individuals for the NYPD during a night of protests...

"Bus Operators do not work for the NYPD. We transport the working families of NYC , all TWU Operators should refuse to transport arrested protesters." - Transit Workers Union


Protests, cops, NYC concerns 

Since the protests in Minneapolis started actually setting cop stations on fire, I’ve started to worry about this happening in New York. Not because I am worried about police property, but because buildings in the city don’t have space between them, and cop stations literally abut residential buildings, people need to shelter in place due to how much covid we have, AND we absolutely do NOT need residents to need ER treatment.

Hopefully they’ll just stick to cars.

protest tactics 

I like this, it's kind of a cultural translation of that one HK protest graphic

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