Weird how it's Saturday so I'm doing what I normally do on a Saturday (stay in and edit this week's podcast episode), but there's no reason I couldn't have done this literally any other day this week...

Old habits die hard?

Well, except that I am currently editing @ScreenTestOfTime, so I AM too busy to check in. But I'll be around.

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So... hey there. I guess I'm back, since, you know, it's been 15 days in social isolation and I missed you and I have no reason to say I'm too busy to check in.

New years resolutions for woke cis het men who are comfortable with their pronouns:

1. Put them in your bio
2. Put them in your email signature at work
3. Wear a pronoun badge

What could be manlier than LITERALLY labelling yourself as a "he" man?

uspol, Middle East 

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uspol, Middle East 

impeachment hearings, very mildly lewd 

my tendency is white feminism because i believe that girlbosses are the real vanguard of the proletariat. that's right, i'm a marxist-leaninist

I just got a call from Bainbridge, GA, asking if Carlos was here. I told them they had the wrong number and they said, without taking a breath, “Well maybe you can help me I’m calling on behalf of the Police Officers Defense Alliance the number of police officers killed by criminals—“

“Thank you, I’m not interested,” I said and hung up.

Spoilers for a total suburban white lady reality show, all caps yelling but +, also uspol? 

Ahhh, yes, we’ve reached that time of year where the weather is so erratic I have to look at the 3 day forecast to plan which to do list items that require me being outside for more than the time it takes to get to and from the subway are necessary to do on which days.

High school reunion but instead of my high school classmates, it’s every lesbian who told me “bi now, straight later” when I was in college so I can be like, “Nope, STILL BI.”

I know it’s not terribly romantic, but there is no “the one,” there is no shortage of people you can love and be loved by, and this idea of love scarcity is hella capitalist, y’all.

Turkey politics, uspol 

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Turkey politics 

Anyway, just popped back in to be loudly Sagittarius sun with an Aquarius moon (is there actually a way to be quietly that...?) and now I am heading to bed to read some more about the Russian revolution and fall asleep.

hollering about normies' attitudes to furries & nazis 

On guilt 

Surreal birthday party 

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