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hi. i want to liberate my autistic comrades (present and future) from ABA, institutionalization and prison. hi.

writer, musician, poet, blogger, ex-and-possibly-future performer, recovering firebrand. :antifa: ✊🏽

i have a passionate love-hate relationship with computers.


drum machines

The Coup
Grimes (dating choices aside)
Vijay Iyer
Janelle Monae

Downtown/No Wave

Marvel films, when they have a plot and a social conscience

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cishet white people on here who keep starting crap with POC, a request Show more


Chelsea Manning is back in jail.


For speaking truth to power.


Please support her.

One easy way is to get this benefit album.

It features awesome artists who you like.

If you can't donate, retweet.

Okay thanks.

Pixelfed announces Pixelfed Labs, launches new initiatives

Pixelfed, the federated, open alternative to photo stream apps such as Instagram, announced recently that they will be launching a community org and incubator dedicated to a number of initiatives. Dan, the project lead and main developer, had this to say: “Pixelfed Labs will be establishing working groups to tackle a wide range of issues […]

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EA have published a study of US gamers which found:
* 56% feel it's "important" for games to be inclusive
* Only 7% would be less likely to play games with inclusive features
* More respondents are concerned about toxicity in the games industry than microtransactions/DLC (61% vs 49%)

what if habitat for humanity, but they were as ubiquitous as the fire department? they went around and built housing and maintained existing housing, and we all lived for free in multi-generational communal housing ? :bread_think:

this is me when i haven't done shit for the day and am trying to feel better about it


if you want to start organizing, but are not sure how throw a block party. the permits are FREE!

block party ideas:
- Potluck
- Dance party
- Seed Swap
- Children's Play area
- Really really free store
- Free outdoor radical conference

do it!

wow ok so apparently my patreon was going to wrong fucking email and paypal account

so if yall could help be get the $150 that i lost (patreon isnt fucking doing anything because i a was at "fault") i would really really appreciate it >:(

was going to pay fucking bills with this >:(

wallet: 14WoyAVqrga3Yb9hLAGgKkF3

(im currently starting a gumroad and will thread that in here when done)

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I woke up to some fresh #florespondence! Thank you all for contributing, and here's an anemone from my doorstep in #Seattle

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I'm looking for literature (articles, blog posts, books) that covers "succession planning" for IT/sysadmin in activist groups. Like, for a volunteer group, what happens if your IT person just leaves? What are best practices so that the group isn't locked out of their web hosting etc (simply through lack of information rather than malice on the previous IT person's fault)

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Anyone know what this beautiful flower is? I snapped a photo at a gardening center but didn't get a chance to read the tag.

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