Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch

A very good, non-technical argument for why Mastodon is better than Twitter, from @codesections

@shoutcacophony @codesections Nice on the whole.

I do see people getting around the “no shame-tweeting” by posting a link to a toot lately. At least that is what I think they are doing. Either way it is a pain in the rear.

@Shufei @codesections Yeah. I removed the Twitter filter I had because I'm criticizing some things that are happening over there, but I'm looking forward to filtering out all things Twitter again, because of what you're pointing out.

@shoutcacophony @codesections

I agree with everything this article says. But sadly I think people very rarely join a social service based on "how good" it is; they join it because people they know are there already.

(I'm really enjoying Mastodon specifically /because/ nobody I know is on here; I'm discovering new people instead of re-creating a real-life structure of friends and celebrities. It reminds me of the community discovery/building feel of the 1990s internet. But I'm a weirdo.)

@nindokag @shoutcacophony

Yeah, I agree with that—for *most* people. I guess the hope is that there are enough of us werdos who care about the structure of it to form a critical mass—after all, each new person makes it easier for others to already know someone on Mastodon. Plus, the small-scale nature of Mastodon instances *does* make it easier to get to know folks, which helps with the effect you're talking about.

@nindokag @codesections You're a weirdo among weirdos in this regard (and in general). Welcome. :)

I agree. I've been here for over a year; I deleted my twitter account. The lack of the things that make Twitter horrible (as well as some of the things that make it useful) mostly aren't here.

It's not perfect, but it's a lot better, especially for those of us looking to have real conversations and community with people.

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