Tumblr is banning all adult content


Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

@Shonalika @Gargron Female nipples are pink, male nipples are blue, obvs.


@overbey @Shonalika @Gargron is it possible to have different per-nipple genders? i mean, this is important, i just want to understand their policy here

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@shoutcacophony @overbey @Gargron yes, what if someone has one female nipple and one male nipple? its very important the needs of all nipples are catered for

@Shonalika @overbey @Gargron or two enby nipples ofc. respect nipple gender diversity, tumblr


if tumblr is going to put themselves in an effective position of state power, i want to see a truly diverse gender socialism (TDGS).

nipple-focused praxis in action.

otherwise, the sheer raw nerve of them, who do they think they are


@shoutcacophony @overbey @Shonalika @Gargron Coming from a country where female toplessness is legal... I cannot believe this is still a thing in 2018 (almost 2019).. it's a nipple people.. everyone has them.

Tumbler is willing to show the entire breast without the nipple.... If that's the case their sensorship makes no sense.

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