Gentle (seriously) reminder that trans/enby/AFAB folks who have been dragged for posting their non-male genders might not be comfortable putting pronouns in their bio

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I had this shitty thing happen on Twitter where everytime I started posting trans positive news, I'd get anti-trans stalker/doxing accounts trying to follow me, as well as a couple of run-ins with anti-trans and terf folks. (anti-trans as in generally transphobic, just not explicitly terfy)

It took me several months of being on here for me to be comfortable with posting trans and gender-related info in my bio on here

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@shoutcacophony For sure! And having to use pronouns at all because EVERYONE MUST DISCLOSE GENDER makes me pretty uncomfortable.

@some_qualia Yeah, I agree. I know why "post your pronouns!" that's a thing, and for people who feel safe doing that, fine, but it can backfire easily. It's also personal, you know?

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