"An analysis of consumer tech review media and how - through collusion with big tech (Apple, OnePlus, Google etc) - they have helped build a uture of useless and wasteful consumer tech"

"Physiognomic Artificial Intelligence"

Luke Stark and Jevan Hutson

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"Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn (£13bn) after action against climate change has threatened their profits"

This is it. This is literally capitalists dropping the mask and affirming the "profit over people" dogma in court.


anyone got any experience with ostack? we got a bunch of servers all deployed with the same setup but a few of them lose connectivity for ~5 min every bunch of hours and we can't figure out why...

Counter-Hegemonic Decision Premises in Commons-Based Peer Production: A Degrowth Case Study

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I caught these photos of the currawong carefully picking out blueberries from the fruit on offer on the bird feeder.

sorry for asking this horrible thing.. but is anyone here expert in deploying servers on azure with ansible? and maybe knows also about the difference compared to ostack?

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Tech Won't Save Us: How Neoliberalism Seized the Internet w/ Dan Greene techwontsave.us/

'Prison Tech Comes Home'
By Erin McElroy, Meredith Whittaker, & Nicole E. Weber

'Ultimately, any computer-vision project is based on the premise that a person’s outsides can tell us something definitive about their insides. These are systems based solely on appearance, rather than identity, solidarity, or belonging. And while facial recognition may seem futuristic, the technology is fundamentally backward-looking, since its functioning depends on images of past selves and outmoded ways of classifying people.'

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'Similarly, while the performance of gender often includes some kind of deliberate aesthetic self-presentation, it cannot be discerned by appearance alone. Visual cues can suggest membership within a social group, but they do not define it.'

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'At the crux of this issue is the tenuous intersection between identity and appearance. For example, race is a social category that is linked, but not equivalent, to phenotype. Because race is not an objective or natural descriptor, it is impossible to definitively recognize someone’s race based on their image, and any attempts to do so can veer quickly into the realm of scientific racism.'

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