latest episode of Criminal is on the story of Julian Betton (cw: violence, brutality) 

who was shot nine times by cops during a raid (for marijuana) and left paralyzed, and later sued them

AI failure 

I tried with this photo of Angela Davis and this was the result

tech, computer vision, fatphobia, burn it all down (-) 

there's even an 'Ethical Considerations' section ... which is something I can't even unpack, it's really worth a read if one has the guts

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tech, computer vision, fatphobia, burn it all down (-) 

from the 2nd link:

"These images are, in turn, collected from Reddit posts that link to the service. Examples of the underlying Reddit posts can be found in the “progresspics” sub-Reddit3."

they scraped a dataset of progress pictures from a weight loss subreddit

fuck this shit

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tech, computer vision, fatphobia, burn it all down (-) 

yet-another chapter of bullshit when you throw on the plate a little more pseudo-science and fatphobia

'Detect faces and predict BMI, Age and Gender using Keras'

here the wording of the abstract is really amazing
'Face-to-BMI: Using Computer Vision to Infer Body Mass Index on Social Media'

'A computational approach to body mass index prediction from face images'


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I'm on the Lawfare Podcast today talking about the bot panic on mainstream social media and also the benefits (and drawbacks) of decentralized social media:

This was a really funny/fun conversation with the hosts, it should be a pretty entertaining listen.

The Loss Of Public Goods To Big Tech: What has not been questioned enough during the COVID-19 crisis is unrelenting capitalism itself.
By Safiya Noble
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The Sci-hub Effect: Sci-hub downloads lead to more article citations

We Be Imagining - Episode 14
Hidden Fibers: Mapping the intimacies and infrastructure between information capital and policing (with Brian Jefferson)

tech, systemic issues 

if one can bear the outlet for a moment, this is a good break-down of the issue with Yann LeCun's (& fanboys) behavior in answering Timnit Gebru

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