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moved bookmarks/links habits over here

won't be bloating these timelines so much any longer

ohdear, the idea that capitalism has been 'corrupted' by tech companies, implying that somehow without bad tech corps it could still be good....

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Some really wonderful women who I've had the privilege of working with are interviewed in the New York Times. They run a group called and it's about eschewing the venture capital grow-or-die model of running a business. While I'm more about worked-owned coops, I think "the dazzle" (as they call themselves, aka a group of zebras) does valuable work.

Their podcast (which I produced):

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I led a computer-generated asemic/automatic writing workshop last night—here's stuff I made to make the workshop happen:

Bezmerizing, a tiny quirky (Python) library with functions for Bézier curves

this demo notebook (no actual copy yet, sorry) showing how to use the library

and a longer tutorial notebook on the specific techniques I've been playing with (using bezmerizing and flat, incl. overview of randomness in python)

"The tech industry has a long history of humanistic intentions and pronouncements — and in fact is responsible for all kinds of progress. Yet somehow we’ve gotten into the most serious AI crisis since the dawn of these technologies. As with climate change and environmental degradation, if we leave oversight of intelligent machines solely to the companies that build and sell the technologies, we’ll see many more crises in the coming decades.

Why? In a word, capitalism. "

"The long term you cannot afford.
On the distribution of the toxic"

"The third chapter of our long-term investigation on THE INVENTION OF SCIENCE with this research exhibition and discursive program, looks into the contemporary politics of toxic (waste) trades and their economies, within the context of the racial Capitalocene."

the pdf link is pointing to the wrong paper rn but I guess they'll correct it soon

'The Hidden Listeners: Regulating the Line from Telephone Operators to Content Moderators'
Elinor Carmi

'This article examines hidden workers in media technologies and how media companies use them to engineer sociality.'

'Fake News, Real Money: Ad Tech Platforms, Profit-Driven Hoaxes, and the Business of Journalism'

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'Disability Justice In the Age of Mass Incarceration:
Perspectives on Race, Disability, Law & Accountability'
syllabus by Talila A. Lewis

'Scandale des invendus : Amazon aurait détruit trois millions de produits en France en 2018'

'Détruire plutôt que de stocker ou réparer : c’est la logique de la firme américaine qui, en toute légalité, contraint ses vendeurs à se débarrasser de leurs invendus. Une aberration écologique expliquée dans le magazine “Capital”, dimanche 13 janvier sur M6 et dénoncée par l’ONG Les Amis de la Terre.'

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