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moved bookmarks/links habits over here

won't be bloating these timelines so much any longer

' Kimberlé Crenshaw, "Race, Gender, Inequality and Intersectionality" '

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As calls for a ‘secure southern border’ are amplified in the US by politicians and pundits, Silicon Valley techies are coming out in force to proffer swanky digital solutions in the place of 30-ft steel slats & concrete blocks.


'Colonial Cartography -
The more personal maps become, the more intimately we accept their imperialistic ideology'
Apoorva Tadepalli

"More than removing friction from its user experience, Amazon wants to be our environment."

"This is Amazon’s ambitious vision: The world is its platform, and instead of being customers, we will just become users whether we are looking at screens or not."

"The company’s endless praise for the consumer role is part of its intent to disarm us, to invite us to enter its universe of deals and recommendations and to internalize the status of permanent customer — and specifically, Amazon’s customer. Overall, Amazon’s most important product is how it creates and refines a world in which the Everything Store converges with just plain everything and, being ubiquitous, becomes invisible."

"Amazon represents its efforts to erase the remaining bulwarks against consumerism as its “customer obsession.” "

" “Customer obsession” is a happier narrative for this dominance than one of aggressive market capture, anti-competitive tactics, and ruthless labor exploitation."

"Amazon, as much as any single company, is transforming the environments in which we live and embedding itself within the fabric of daily existence."

"Amazon promises to create a newer type of environment, a hybrid of the digital and the physical, that lets us permanently inhabit that role: the world as Everything Store, which we’re always inside."

'The Constant Consumer -
Amazon’s mission is to make customer identity more primary than citizenship'

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Norway is fully committed to extractive capitalism

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Give me strength to deal with the men (sorry men, it’s always men) who read something I’ve written and reply with instructions I didn’t need nor asked for.

page 7 from

"Technocratic problem-solving continues to adhere foremost to free-market ideology, which endeavors to maintain or deepen status quo power dynamics, unequal global economies, and to allow for social collapse, all due to a pathological resistance to state- or community-imposed regulation and limits."

'mapping 24 emotions conveyed by brief human vocalization'

sure, this is totally going to be absolutely scientifically sound and bias-free.. and back so many lucrative machine learning applications to voice recognition for adtech

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