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Some idiot had to get there sooner or later.

That this was ever allowed to happen is a mistake we will live long enough to die regretting the shitty world we are leaving our children.


'Robot Rights? Let's Talk about Human Welfare Instead'
Abeba Birhane, Jelle van Dijk

A conference of digital literature, culture, and art"
Moore Institute
National University Ireland Galway
30 April to 1 May 2020

CfP: "Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence and Speculative Computation"
Napoli, June 2020

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It's only 10 apps, but the amount of personal information they share about you is gigantic. And it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Read the Norwegian Consumer Council study on how these apps breach your privacy and put your security at risk 👇

forbrukerradet.no/side/new-stu twitter.com/privacyint/status/

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⚠️ New study by the Norwegian Consumer Council exposes how the advertising industry is systematically breaking the law

This is yet another example of how the #AdTech ecosystem is breaching your privacy and putting your #security at risk


"Out of Con­trol:
How consumers are exploited by the adtech industry - and what we are doing to make it stop"


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There's a very cool exhibit at the #NYC Met right now that includes two 16-17th C encryption devices. The book-like device is surprisingly complex, the second uses a simple substitution system that translates letters into distances.


'Culture War in the Workplace:
Inside the court battle over trans employment discrimination'
By Melissa Gira Grant

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The academic paper scraping thing has copied parts of an art project of mine. Not a big part, but nontheless a part of copyrighted material.

Does anyone want to join me in noticing the researcers and their affiliated universtiy of this? I'm too busy to handle it alone; I'm writing a master thesis on copyright atm.

#copyright #art

more on that disgraced 'research' with Mastodon data... 

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I was interviewed about my @365-rfcs project for an internet numbers registry blog, which means this project was successful beyond my wildest expectations.


"In What May be the Largest Strike in World History, Millions in India Protest PM Modi’s Policies"


Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds We Need

By Sasha Costanza-Chock


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