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X-Post from Birdsite 

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Here is “Are Prisons Computers?,” my text which diagrams the historical relationship between the digital and the carceral (and between discipline and control) across the work of Foucault, Deleuze, and the Prison Information Group.

Experiments with Social Good: Feminist Critiques of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in India


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Critical dataset studies reading list · Make suggestions & contributions! How should we study datasets in machine learning?

👉🏻 knowingmachines.org/reading-li

Algorithmic power and African indigenous languages: search engine autocomplete and the global multilingual Internet

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mr. peanut sign (hair affair sign), (closer view), route 6, swansea, massachusetts, 1984

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Glad to learn in the first session that there's a name for the phenomena where new efficiencies in and of themselves don't provide a path to sustainability:


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I'm Geraldine. I was invited by Matt @emenel!

I am an artist and I also write and translate critique of technology and I larp as designer for my breadjob.

I work with digital, cold and hot media like glass, ice and screens and I think a lot about the differences between documentation and work.

Lately i think and write a lot about the implications of cultural production in the age of assetization and creepto: paletten.net/artiklar/this-is- / paletten.net/artiklar/the-ghos

I make radio with my friends at fumeradio.live/ and run a study group about Asset Media called Mediabolics! skogen.pm/

Here are my linx if you want to follow what I am up to:

happy to be here 🙂

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are you a scholar or artist writing or creating art about surveillance? submit your work to our edited collection on surveillance and art! coedited by @susan_e_cahill, @juliaschan, @stefymcknight, and me. deadline May 15. more info: akimbo.ca/listings/call-for-co

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i spent the bulk of the last year getting a worker-owned technology cooperative off the ground! all my paid professional work is now done through the EMMA Technology Cooperative


EMMA is me, @andymakes Ivan Safrin and Gwen Pasquarello. it's an experiment in non-hierarchical consensus-based labor organization, and it has been an absolute thrill to work in a way that aligns with my principles for the first time!

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Our server rules have been updated to include no NFTs:

"No NFTs! NFTs are not about art - they're about money. There are crypto-related instances on the fediverse that would be more suitable. "

Existing NFT creators (there are very very few here) can stay, but will probably feel more at home and reach a bigger audience on a crypto-focused instance where people actually want to see that content.

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📰 Agile and the Long Crisis of Software 

by Miriam Posner in Logic Magazine

"I began to explore the history of Agile. What I discovered was a long-running wrestling match between what managers want software development to be and what it really is, as practiced by the workers who write the code. Time and again, organizations have sought to contain software’s most troublesome tendencies—its habit of sprawling beyond timelines and measurable goals—by introducing new management styles. And for a time, it looked as though companies had found in Agile the solution to keeping developers happily on task while also working at a feverish pace."


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The Cis State by Jules Gill-Peterson 

"The state has never been cisgender, but it is desperately trying to identify as such now, making cisness a prerequisite to be a participant in public and political life...We need to see these bills in concert with the other reprehensible forms of state power I mentioned at the outset, namely anti-Blackness as a justification for extreme police violence, mass incarceration, and the codification of a white, conservative voting majority"

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new essay! 

i'm back again with a fresh essay

# COMMUNITY TAKES WORK (a letter to fedi)

> [...] But these little islands we populate with poasts are only one aspect of the infrastructure we require to do right by each other. Constructing those pillars of material community will take a lifetime of struggle, but it seems little else in life is as worthy a pursuit. I intend to get old, comrade. I intend to grow old together, because I alone could never.


Condition Critical

AI mental health diagnostics risk oversimplifying the complex social dynamics of any medical concern

by Os Keyes


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