new, completely 🔆solar-powered🔆 website for Low-Tech Magazine!!

"How to Build a Low-tech Website?"

"Our new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content."

@sifr This makes me wonder if converting the images to svg woundn't have used less resources than b/w dithering.

@squeakypancakes @sifr we haven't tried that actually. I wonder if SVG conversion can achieve the same rate of compression as simply (and beautifully) as Bayesian ordered dithering. Worth a try.

@rra @sifr
I also do like the way they look it makes me think of text books from the 90s and really gives it a low tech feel.
I was just curious what the savings could be without a lost in quality

@sifr This is one of the dopest things that's happened in a while, I love it

@sifr This. Is. Amazing. Will have to sort out some kind of donation later.

@6gain yeah, there will also be a talk on the project at Radical Networks by the folks who did it, shout-out to them

@sifr may i ask you what OS are you using on that board? And what static website generator?

@silkevicious I'm not involved in the project by any means sorry! I'm nobody, just an appreciator of good works, the folks who did it will present at Radical Networks, @rra is also on here, you can ask them directly

@sifr @silkevicious its Armbian (debian derivative) with Pelican ssg. The link got out a bit earlier than planned so we're still tidying documentation for release. We will release the theme and a full technical write-up end of the week

@sifr They just keep getting cooler. Those dithered images!
I don't understand how they square "static website" with "meter showing server battery levels", though.
"The accessibility of this website depends on the weather in Barcelona, Spain, where the solar-powered web server is located."

@priryo the great folks who did it will present it at Radical Networks soon and there will be a more official launch and I guess there will be plenty of further details

@sifr Aha!! I knew I got this link from mastodon but couldn't remember from who. Thanks!

I actually threw them an email signaling the high-tech problems page was broken, they responded me the website wasn't supposed to be public yet >< Where did you find this link?

@Ninjatrappeur from Radical Networks :) it got out a bit earlier than scheduled ;)

@Ninjatrappeur @sifr We fixed it right away! Thanks for pointing that out :)

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