"The interface replaces the conflict behind the construction of the collections and the violence of taxonomy. The interface is the opposite of complexity; its goal is to make the exploration of information convenient. An interface will always fail at communicating the context of the information it displays - in other words, its history. Interface
simplicity as a new type of colonial monumentality."


"Google is merely the techno-colonial version of this same spirit, offering “tools” to preserve and make accessible their particular version of art and history, organized in their own way through their own agenda for their own purposes, which happen to include economic benefits for their “partners”."

'This pathological relation is also the core tenant of welfare capitalism, “where people are referred to corporations rather than states for such services as they receive; where corporate capital routinely arrogates to itself the right to broker public discourse; and where history and art remain saturated with the preferences and priorities of elite social classes.” '

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