"Surveillance has thereby lost its exceptional character and has become a more and more routine practice. Finally, personal information is increasingly used to enforce standards of behavior. Information processing is developing, therefore, into an essential element of long-term strategies of manipulation intended to mold and adjust individual conduct."

'Reviewing Privacy In an Information Society'
Spiros Simitis

@sifr I was 3. We were already losing before I could even play. Like, damn. I think we're gonna have to lose and win at the same time 'cause we gotta win this before the timeline gets any worse.

@sifr 9 billion unique minds on the planet and counting. And this is what we get? It's not weird enough. 9 billion minds should make more weird. Unless someone is normalizing them. It's horrible how far off this timeline already is.

@feonixrift yeah way far off... I mean, there are some portions of those 9 billions actively fighting to resist the normalization towards surveillance capitalism but they are still belittled by the huge infrastructure that has been put in place... and also *most* of the 9 billions minds do not even get to have a say in this deadly game

@sifr so this. & 'deadly game' is right on the mark. =/

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