The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

"The more people feel, the more they spend. Research has firmly established that emotional content is the key to successful media and business results. Intangible ‘emotions’ translate into concrete social activity, brand awareness, and profit."

the alleged science behind it and effectiveness does not even matter, the obscenity here is in the premises

'RealEyes at SXSW 2018, representing European Innovation and Creativity.'
no fucking less

aand a spectacular QA on Neuromarketing
"But with the work SEWA is doing, we will be able to identify chords of human response such as "liking", boredom, etc. We will ultimately become masters of reading each other’s feelings and intent. This will be wonderful for interpreting reactions to marketing materials but also for improving our relationships."

' The next step, according to Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva’s co-founder and CEO, will be an emotion chip in our phones and TVs that can react in real time. “I think in the future we’ll assume that every device just knows how to read your emotions,” she says. '

the 2012 Facebook's 'experiment':
"A 61-million-person experiment in social influence and political mobilization"

"Experiments are run on every user at some point in their tenure on the site. Whether that is seeing different size ad copy, or different marketing messages, or different call-to-action buttons, or having their feeds generated by different ranking algorithms.... The fundamental purpose of most people at Facebook working on data is to influence and alter people's moods and behavior."

"They are doing it all the time to make you like stories more, to click on more ads, to spend more time on the site. This is just how a website works, everyone does this and everyone knows that everyone does this."

"there is nothing remarkable in observing that capitalism would prefer individuals who agree to work and consume in ways that most advantage capital."
"However, it would be dangerous to nurse the notion that today's surveillance capitalists simple represent more of the same. This structural requirement of economies of action turns the means of behavioral modification into an engine of growth."

"At no other time in history have private corporations of unprecedented wealth and power enjoyed the free exercise of economies of action supported by a pervasive global architecture of ubiquitous computational knowledge and control constructed and maintained by all the advanced scientific know-how that money can buy."

"If you want to turn the world into your game board, the places you want people to interact with have to have certain characteristics... There should be a reason for the player to go there... The game is enabling them and nudging you to have those interactions." -- Hanke

"Pokémon Go's incredibly granular, block-by-block map data, combined with its surging popularity, may soon make it one of, if not the most, detailed location-based social graphs ever compiled." (2017)

"The genius of Pokemon Go was to transform the game you see into a higher-order game of surveillance capitalism, a game about a game. The players who took the city as their board, roaming its parks and pizzerias, unwittingly constituted a wholly different kind of human game board for this second and more consequential game."

"In the real game, prediction products take the form of protocols that impose forms of telestimulation intended to prod and herd people across real-world terrains to spend their real-world money in the real-world commercial establishments of Niantic's flesh-and-blood behavioral futures markets."

move fast and break things,
declare the right to appropriate things under the banner of free speech
run incursions into public and private spheres until resistance is met, then stall and fight it, relying on the absence of laws, while habituation sinks in, then adapt the strategies, retreat from some things, lobby like hell, and redirect the same operations to hidden pipelines, to new markets and in new forms
declare inevitability, everything must be connected, technology is inevitable,

incorporate full stacks of infrastructure and then rule by the "dictatorship of no alternatives"
and most importantly keep the knowledge asymmetry strong, collect everything, give back little and craft the core mechanisms in secrecy, design policies to be fundamentally illegible,
keep in mind that extraction is most successful when there's no awareness of it,
move fast, break democracy

"We need laws that reject the fundamental legitimacy of surveillance capitalism’s declarations and interrupt its most basic operations, including the illegitimate rendition of human experience as behavioral data; the use of behavioral surplus as free raw material; extreme concentrations of the new means of production;"

"the manufacture of prediction products; trading in behavioral futures; the use of prediction products for third-order operations of modification, influence, and control; the operations of the means of behavioral modification; the accumulation of private exclusive concentrations of knowledge (the shadow text); and the power that such concentrations confer."

measures such as encryption and other privacy tools, or arguments for “data ownership” ' may be effective in discrete situations, but they leave the opposing facts intact, acknowledging their persistence and thus paradoxically contributing to their legitimacy. For example, if I “opt out” of tracking, I opt out for me, but my action does not challenge or alter the offending practice. '


' Forget the cliché that if it’s free, “You are the product.” You are not the product; you are the abandoned carcass. The “product” derives from the surplus that is ripped from your life. '

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism 

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