"However, this trend towards social engineering and "nudging" individuals towards "better" behavior is also part of the Silicon Valley approach that holds that human problems can be solved once and for all through the disruptive power of technology."

"In that sense, perhaps the most shocking element of the story is not the Chinese government's agenda, but how similar it is to the path technology is taking elsewhere."

@sifr I recently read about Youtube tuning its recommendation ML away from obvious conspiracy stuff. This might be beneficial, but the main issue is that these kinds of collective decision are not made democratically by users. They're made opaquely by individuals within megacorps. Much of the nudging and "experiments" we probably don't even know about, and really the whole paradigm is flawed and we should be moving towards user controlled systems rather than corporate or oligarchic control.

@bob @sifr at least with the Chinese Social Points System you can see the strings being pulled.

You can’t say the same about Surveillance Capitalism.

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