16:45-18:15 - keynote
RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN THE AGE OF AI: The Future of Civil Rights in the United States

by Mutale Nkonde


18:30-20:30 - panel

ON THE POLITICS OF AI: Fighting Injustice & Automatic Supremacism

Dia Kayyali, Os Keyes, Dan McQuillan , moderated by Tatiana Bazzichelli


this last panel was GREAT
can't recommend enough


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@sifr "AI's claim is not simply that numbers don't lie. But that mathematics reveals a superior order of truth. It's an appeal that goes back to the origins of science and beyond. To the neo-Platonists of the 5th century. AI is the modern form of a very old dream."

@sifr Standpoint Theory was new to me, thanks so much for sharing this talk!

@edsu I appreciated a lot McQuillan's writings lately

@edsu btw the paper by Os Keyes that they mention in the final discussion is also excellent

'Human-Computer Insurrection: Notes on an Anarchist HCI'

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