'Metabolic metaphors ignore the structural factors that place internet users in peril, putting the burden on individuals to know where their data exists, how they’re being tracked, who has access to the data, and how it is being used to make decisions about them.'

'The metaphors used by Firefox and other campaigns do the important work of encouraging Internet users to think critically about their browsing habits and might inspire them to turn away from the monocultures of Google and Facebook. I want to encourage work toward building a stronger and deeper critique of data extraction, though, one that considers how data justice intersects with issues of feminism and social and economic justice.'

'By focusing on production rather than consumption, and looking at the ways these systems of oppression continue to exploit those who are already marginalized, we can focus on the real need to organize. By using a framework of data labor and data rights, we can link issues of data extraction with other movements of workers and other social justice movements happening right now.'


'Digital Hygiene -
Dietary metaphors for internet use blame individuals for systemic hazards'
Rachel Bergmann

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