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I have an art account, maybe you want to check them out. They're NSFW though...

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Hi, I'm moving in to this instance from Radical Town. I've been in Mastodon in more than 1 year so I've been posting lots of toots and I'm kind of sad they can't be imported here. I'm a bisexual ancom who is also an artist and Linux enthusiast. I'm living in SE Asia, so I'm anti-imperialist as heck. I hope I can befriend more comrades, especially from the Global South. Anyway, nice to meet you all!

I know it's all capitalist brainwashing but being unemployed makes me feel so worthless...

This NGO that just rejected me asked in the interview 'Yes, but what hardship non-marginalised people are facing during this pandemic though?' because I kept bringing up the poor and disenfranchised. Who's the not marginalised? The bourgeoisie? I couldn't give any less fuck about the bourgeoisie, boo fucking hoo ๐Ÿ™„ (I answered they couldn't go to school).

CW: p*dophila, Evo Morales 

Btw I read that there's an accusation towards Evo Morales that he was involved in trafficking of 2 children for sex. Is this true? I don't want to check the news, English source are mostly CIA propaganda.

Don't read if you're a vote shamer 

Hey binch
Fuck America
Kill politicians, even the ones you like
Death to those who stand in the way of the working class
Private property isn't real
We don't need cops
Gender isn't real
Flatten all hierarchies
Communism is good
Empty the prisons, fucks to the landlords
Eat the rich, feed the people
Sorry but I had to do some weeding apparently

Idk if this also happens in other countries, but there's a misconception among anarchists in my country that syndicalism is similar to anarchism. They claim everything that's syndicalist as anarchist. It's simply not true. I used to feel that syndicalism is reformist but kept it to myself because I was afraid of being attacked. Turns out, it's true. Syndicalism is reformist. That's why it's called anarcho-syndicalism, it's syndicalism turned revolutionary by using anarchism as the motor.

Communist revolution is violent because the capitalist class would rather massacre millions of people before giving up their private ownership. My lingering question is, how did past revolutionaries actually get guns? Did they stole them, produced them, or got them imported from somewhere (like Sovyet or China)?

I'm actually pretty lonely ๐Ÿ˜‚ (but I don't want to post this on my normal accounts because people that I don't really like would be all concerned and try having a conversation with me, making me less lonely but mentally exhausted).

CW: sex dream 

Dream is actually a manifestation of our psyche. So it tells me in a disgusting yet honest way, that I don't enjoy this friendship at all. I want to talk about this dream to her but I'm afraid it will turn into something more complicated than it should. I'll reestablish stricter boundaries with her from now on. Thank you, fucked up sex dream!

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CW: sex dream 

Some days ago I want to complain about the trend among people my age to get into stock market trading. I think it's a betrayal to the working class and they're workers themselves. This friend said "Please don't ruin the mood, I'm feeling optimistic now." I really needed to vent that time so it was disappointing. It has happened many times, she doesn't want to listen even though I listen to her stupid dates.

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CW: sex dream 

Then it came to my mind about my feeling for this friend. I always see this friendship with her as one sided. She would call whenever she wants without asking my availability first. Yes I'm unemployed and all, but I don't always want to talk to her. Her complains are always about her trash dates. She even almost get scammed by a fake sugar daddy. When I want to complain, it's like she doesn't want to listen. She'd send a positive message like a robot.

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CW: sex dream 

I had a sex dream this morning. It was with my friend. She is straight and I don't even feel remotely attracted to her. In this dream, she approached me and we tribbed, fully naked. I didn't enjoy it at all. Then she came. Only she who did, then it's over. When I woke up, I forgot for a moment and carry on doing my routine. Suddenly I remembered about the dream and felt disgusted. As usual, I look for a reason why in the world that dream happened.

Turns out it's not just me who think marketing jobs are bullshit. It's more or less scamming and lying, I hate it so much and people won't understand why I don't want to take a job in that field.

Without immigrants, legal or illegal (especially illegal), your country will go to ruin, you dumb yanks.

I saw someone online said DPRK is a wasteland. Bro, how come it's a wasteland where there are so many buildings in it because... everyone gets free housing.

giving "consumers" a limited window of availability to "purchase" a piece of software (game, movie, music) is such a scummy move and entirely fake introduction of scarcity its actually really pathetic

being unapologetically gay is good and our love is, if anything, more real

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all my life ive been told that real love is either a: straight or b: indistinguishable from straight love, just between two ppl of the same gender

fuck that. gay love is real and awesome

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Turns out "conservatives" are classical liberals and "liberals" are social liberals which means USA is a country with single party system. Why expecting a potential socialist insurgence in a party when its very soul is capitalism.

Been thinking of making a YT channel about anarchism but can't because the upcoming suppression (from the government and fanatic nationalists) I expect I'll get...

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