‪Counterpoint: people who don’t let their pets on furniture are all serial killers. ‬

Jerry Seinfeld does REAL humor, he would never say ‘twizzlers is a spageti’

Everyone who likes lil peep has had unprotected sex in a Wendy’s parking lot

‪Every girl who cried over Mitski wears a clown nose and dresses like a mechanic now‬

Commissioning a Kantian parody of Marilyn Manson called ‘Dutiful People’

‪Somebody’s tinder said they were looking for a “teammate in life” and I’m visibly shaken from the experience ‬

‪I know getting a degree isn’t allowed to be a substitute for a personality or whatever but damn cmon bitch‬

Imagine real ass watching the movie of your life and being like “oh Jesus Christ god god no”

‪Gonna reboot Mad Men but it’s 2017 and Jon Hamm convincing Wendy’s to tweet about late term abortions‬

‪Thinkin bout going sisco mode and marrying a girl named aislynn‬

I am an avid proponent of trigger warnings, especially as they pertain to visual/auditory media, but can anyone give me a theorization of their utility in regards to written triggers? I’m thinking less here about like a novel containing potentially trauma-inducing things, but something much more short form, like a Masto post. Wouldn’t the trigger keywords (if they were accurate) perform the same traumatic function?

Can’t wait until we get like spiked pistachio water or something equally fucking dumb because some turd opened the hellraiser box and this is life now.

The only good thing about new media eclipsing traditional forms is that no one has ever had more than one good idea and we can just move on to the next dipshit.

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