Shout out to whoever I saw with license plate 420HRT. If you meant it to be “heart” yer a fuckin transphobe

‪By emphasizing the importance of a clearly defined and well-practiced foundation or “structure”, the dialectical materialism of Marxist thought is the obvious ideological core of Yoga With Adriene. In this essay I will... ‬


‪Me: dunking on gamers is preposterously low hanging fruit‬

‪Also me: gamin is stoopd‬

immigration, incarceration, bullshit 

Woke up this morning covered in sap if y’all are wondering how I’m doin

Nothing is more antagonistic to radical change than the driveling arbiter of peace, whose spurious claims to "healing" inoculate against revolutionary action far more effectively than vitriol or brute force ever could.

Vine was the perfect millennial social media apparatus because it's more relatable to be stuck in an infinite amount of hellishly stupid 6 second loops than envision any kind of narrative with a future.

‪Anyone who leaves an empty roll of toilet paper without a spare is a fuckin reactionary. ‬

‪Is there any question that celebrity is directly bound to the cultivation of authoritarian ideology? Ffs, Adorno was railing against this shit 70 years ago.‬

We have fallen into a clever trap of capital, doing everything in our power to render politics aesthetic, when substantive change only emerges from the exact opposite.

E.g., If you control the territory and you design the language, what are the most likely outcomes?

Artifacts that solely exist to perpetuate strictly defined parameters of social interaction. Social media is the perfect terrain for capitalism because 1. It offers an endless source of feedback looped data 2. The medium itself is beholden to corporate interest

Go to any sizable thread on twitter and see how they are inundated with shitty reaction gifs/pics. The issue is not that we can communicate in a complex way through visual shorthands, but instead that the m e a n s of that communication is entirely limited to cultural artifacts

I devoted a portion of my dissertation to the ways that viral linguistics (mostly memes, but not always) are only deficient in the ways that they have been co-opted by the cultural mechanisms of capital.

‪Me: Haha isn’t it weird my toots come in waves almost like ‬

‪ᵐʸ ᵐᵃⁿᶦᵃ‬

‪ a̶̡̠͙͇͉̯̾͋͋̚͜ṋ̵̨̗̦̾̉͗̑͛͠d̷̛̠͉͓̬̾̅͊̆̈́͠ ̵̡̣͇̆̂̐̑͐͊̍̕͠͝d̸̲̫̫͂͗͋̃̄ě̷͚̳̣̜͒̉͂͗p̶̨͈̮͍̫̞̦͇͔̽͛̅͗͋͑̕͘͜͝͝r̵̪̝͕̃e̴̯̝̺̓̋̈́̃͘ş̷̙̳̟̼̹̩̻̜̉́̀̇̀̐́̔͜͝s̴̋̾̔̂̇̌̀́͜î̸̧̨̼̘̮̫̳͙̳̼͑̈́̔́͑̓̕͘͝ȯ̴̯͑̅̐̐͜n̷͎̄͝‬

See also: 👏you 👏don’t 👏know 👏whose 👏trans 👏just 👏 by 👏 looking 👏 at 👏them

A lot of trans people’s first foray into gender non-conformity is using nail polish, so maybe let’s cool it with the woke bullshit.

‪I refuse to believe the 90s was anything more than a series of poorly dressed men disgusted at the state of their own milks.‬

Sure, fine, you don't have to read to be a leftist, but maybe it might fuckin help?

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