Pretty fucked up that the fashion industrial complex has been doing planned obsolescence for decades but big tech gets all the heat.

*Being strapped down A Clockwork Orange style and forced to watch 20 million 'Old Town Road' TikToks*

I'm not a post-leftist, I don't think that class is a useless category to be abandoned, but I do think we have moved well beyond even what intersectionality has to offer as a productive hermeneutic.

The challenge of the contemporary left is not the path many seem to be following (a return to 'straightforward' 19th century assaults on capital, couched solely in absolute material truth), but instead to see the world as it currently is (a highly mediated landscape struggling to escape the strictures of antiquated forms of belonging), and exploit the post-neoliberal hellscape we are about to find ourselves in.

Nowhere is the bastardized realization of so-called postmodernism more apparent, than in the contemporary right's mobilization of it:
-A surface-level rejection of any meta-narrative of truth
-A fractured series of specifically catered identities, atomized for individual consumption and filtered through...
-The ubiquity of a cultural linguistics/knowledge-power regime
-The participation of coagulated factions in the cultural realm as producer AND consumer

Where the failures of post-structuralist thinkers are most apparent, therefore, is on the political front, in their own co-optation by the very dynamics they meant to undermine.

Post-structuralism (and its concomitant ethics) was a means of renegotiating the parameters of subjectivity as a mechanism of power in its relation to the social. IT WAS NOT AN ARGUMENT THAT 'EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE'

The three types of people on dyke tinder in Portland:

1. Hubby and I are new to PDX and looking for a 🦄 (LADIES ONLY) Let’s smoke DANK and see how we vibe 👻🦷👒🌺☀️🍅🥐☕️🍸🏸🥈🏍🚡🚦🎇📺📸⚙️📁💞🏧🔜🔈🕛👼🥰
Go Blazers!

2. Septuple Scorpio softie trying to coo tender birdsongs in your ears over hibiscus tea at the bluffs.

No Gemini’s.

3. I will literally go out and kill a cop with you tonight

What people think academia is: Posh leather adorned offices, eclectic wine socials, tweed,
What academia actually is: “Wow I really hope I get this temporary adjunct position in Kyrgyzstan so I can afford a second shoe”

My online presence can be reduced to: yelling about food, yelling about Nazis, and quietly stanning overwrought French philosophers.

Unicorn Riot has released hundreds of pages of leaked confidential Homeland Security (ICE/HSI) manuals, including this "For Official Use Only" guide for canceling citizenship of naturalized Americans (#Icebreaker Pt1)


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