Sometimes I try to imagine what these “praxis not theory” types think substantive change actually looks like beyond the vagaries of it being anti-capitalist


Like I’m sorry, but capitalism is so entrenched in our being at this point that it is going to take hyper-attentive and profound engagement to undermine it. That’s literally what theory is.

@stevietrix it has its place. But last night I saw hundreds of black kids chased by cops on horseback, almost trampled.

A copy of To Combat Liberalism isn't gonna stop a bullet.

@teslas_moustache I think that's an unfair example that misrepresents my point. I'm not saying that those kids could have somehow "theorized" their way out of the situation. What I am saying, is that long-term proactive struggle to successfully undermine those kinds of institutional violences is going to take the kinds of strategy that theory can and should facilitate.

@stevietrix I didn't mean to treat you unfairly. I've just seen how theoretical discussions - usually paired with excessive parliamentary procedure - totally shut people down, drain people emotionally, stop effective action, and allow people to get away with sexual assault and dues money.

I'm not saying don't read books or talk about theory. I don't know where the people are, who are so against theory. All I see are people complaining about people who are "against theory."

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