First 250 kg saved and shared. Since end of April.

Zotero now has a web-client that lets you introduce books via ISBN number (and therefore with a barcode scanner).

I wrote something down in 2008. Still stand by it:

"It may be that the last day will dawn tomorrow, and then we will gladly lay down our work for a better future. But not before."

The last 18 months aged me unproportionally more than the 6 years before.

Decommission a few books for the next movement of shelf space.

Framing vs. Farming. On some approaches you get dirtier.

The older I get the more I am drawn to ethics and annoyed by ethics.

“Those who don’t want to accept the truth will always find ways not to accept it.”

— Lev Grinberg

Correspondence from Piotr Kropotkin to W. Wray Skilbeck from the years 1908 and 1909. Mostly Kropotkin discusses his Mutual Aid thesis, the new articles he intends to publish on this topic and other relevant thinkers.

From A short article on the connection between spiritualism and spiritual experience and environmentalism.

Featuring Muir, Leopold, Brand, Alan Watts, Gary Snyder, Earth Day ect.pp.

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"One contemporary scholar has described modern environmentalism as ‘Calvinism without God’."

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"You could tell the history of the environmental movement in spiritual experiences — Wordsworth, Emerson, Thoreau, Humboldt, Darwin, Muir, Leopold, the Huxleys, Stewart Brand, all the way to Gail Bradbrook’s ayahuasca trip. It is an ecstatic history."

We might have been better prepared for the problems we're facing if the narratives we grew up with had been a little more complicated than good vs evil...

There is a brochure by No Border Assembly called "Border Profiteers", just read it on the train. So disgusted by EU again... 🤢
But it's a very interesting read, it is a "Berlin edition", containing the addresses of the companies who profit from deportations and border militarization.

CW for the brochure: descriptions of racist violence and torture


> The site #StarTrek + #Design is collecting the futuristic design objects — chairs, cups, silverware, sofas — that designers used on the sets of Star Trek movies and TV shows to depict the future.
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