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I change the way I toot on this platform in the foreseeable future.
More threading and linking to other posts.
What will be here soon is a thread on Threads:

Another contestent in my "anarchists in front of their shelves" series: Camillo Berneri

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Is there is a book about the "history of Deep ecology", its concepts and different strands?

Please share.

Us pol 

As ugly as the results will be, I expect Trump to stay as president for another term. Not by majority vote, but by using everything he can to stay in power.

coffee gear question, boosts welcome 

#coffee enjoyers here: I shattered my good porcelain filter last week. I've been eyeing Chemex carafes a bit - are they worth it? Is the taste similar to good filter coffee or something entirely different?

For context: I enjoy the taste of filter/drip coffee - in a pinch, I'll drink French Press. I also like my coffee reasonably strong.

Market Socialism always sounds like either a contradiction or something very smallish.

Voices for the poor, Black Liberation and IWW Members for indigenous people and migrant workers.

Micropower Radio in the USA in 90s.A subculture which didn't survive increasing regulation and the internet, but which for a time, gave people a soapbox to speak truth to power and provide an essential service to their communities.

A subculture every bit as vibrant as the BBS or Phreaking scene.

Seizing the Airwaves: A free radio handbook.

#Radio #microradio #IAmReading

Anyone knows why "David Fleming" is such important for UK alternative environmentalists?

those who rule will not change the world to become a better place.

Suddenly a wild research into after-harvest tea processing techniques comes up. Anyone has resources on where to start?

podcast recs (1 of 2) 

Today I shelled okra seeds while listening to ~4 hours of podcasts. They were all so good!

All My Relations: I'm only on Ep4, but these Native women's conversations keep getting even wiser & more brain-rearranging!

Rebel Eaters Club: Wonderful wise perspectives on loving your body. So healing.

Sometimes ist is really interesting how close major cities are to myself. Warsaw is 6h away, Amsterdam 8-9, Prague 6h, Budapest 9-12hs. All by train.

After the sidewalks in my neighborhood got besmirched with anti-mask sentiments, I put up a home-printed poster of Paul Sizer's great #WearTheMask illustration in a street-facing house window.

link goes to where you can get your own free download

"Was passiert ist legal - wird aber von vielen nicht mehr als legitim angesehen" umschreibt die Gesellschaftsstimmung grad ganz gut.

an-pol, fascism, an. individualism 

Might be my mistake, but i expect more from a person, that revealed the Michael Schmidt connection with the Stormfront.

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an-pol, fascism, an. individualism 

I read the articles around "against the fascist creep" and they have some points but regarding the individualist anarchists some exaggerations which I can not follow.
Yes, Max Stirner was heavily influenced by Hegel and was also a racist, but making him and his writing the base of the Fascist syncretism in post-left ecology is a bold claim i do not follow.
This seems to be bad writing, more preaching to a specific choir than "proof work".

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