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I change the way I toot on this platform in the foreseeable future.
More threading and linking to other posts.
What will be here soon is a thread on Threads:

10 years ago: arab spring
Now: Capitol storm. But by the "other whites".

What does "riding shotgun" mean? Read that a couple of times today DC related. I do not know that term/slang.

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
-CS Lewis

"Björk was involved in anarcho-punk and anarchist poetry during the 1980s; aligned with the anarchist Crass Collective as part of post-punk group KUKL; signed to One Little Indian since the 1980s, set up by members of various anarcho-punk bands."

how did I not know this!?

Where to (re-)start reading Tolstoi outside of the fictionalized works?

"From mutual aid societies to independent fugitive communities and from farmer cooperatives to consumer co-ops, Professor Gordon Nemhard details how people work together in the face of racism and active sabotage to improve each others’ lives in tangible ways. Cooperation has proved a powerful tool against discrimination."

Everybody: we must allow children to get back to school as a priority

Nobody: we need to prioritise teachers and support staff at school for vaccination

Us pol 

Must not engage in us political discussions with strangers while not drunk...

It is interesting how much a single person can archive in 90 days and how few a social construction (call it groups, or else).

single person travel 

so, mid-distance car driving works again for me.
drove 80km two times to visit my parents today to go for an hours-long socDist-walk. Was my first time to drive a car that long alone for at least 5 years.

This is very quite good!!

Boots Riley on Why the Left Abandoned Class Struggle

Riley explains why the New Left abandoned class struggle and shifted focus toward students and media. (Yes. I know Boots is a Marxist, but he's still a commited, long-time black radical)

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