So the visible parts of the youth climate movement is slowly fading?

Charly Stross on current real artificial intelligence was interesting. Current AIs are: governments, large corporations and universities. about buying auction houses and put them into a co-op which pays for the houses by the rent and later give back the income with lesser rents. And than give people a say in coops decision making process. Don't know if that would work with German banks (or at all).

There might be a winter solstice celebration at the tea shop. Yeah!

Til: how to grep a folder on Windows for a specific term in several markdown files.
Didn't know how grep works at all...

One problem of the current protest movements is, that they address the intermediary, the middlemen to enforce change, instead going directly to the bearer of climate breakdown.

I recived the package. And it was very heavy. but now i have 80 issues of CQ/WER in my shelf and all much less expensive than for someone who would have bought them new.

The biggest predictor for swing towards Tories was not Brexit vote, but the share of workers in low-skilled jobs.

Labour used to be based on two basic ways of organising - unions, that gave higher wages and coops, that gave cheaper goods and services. These tangible economic benefits attracted those on low-income.

Karl Marx book clubs, seminars and podcasts about "Body Politics And Neoliberalism" and demonstrations like "Cops Off Campuses" attract uni folks who overanalyse and underorganise.

I have just been speaking to a member of Bamford Quaker Community in the Peak District. They are an intentional community who own 11 acres and a number of buildings. They hold regular events.

An event which focuses on community and includes a day of work will be taking place mid January next year.

Is anyone from Sunbeam City, or the fediverse, interested in attending? I'm thinking about it.


The only reason passive income videos is such a thing is, because the people do not earn much in the active work they do and a very middle class-y thing.


And wow, have I told you how beautiful this brutaldon has grown? Such a neat tool!

speculative: the coming decades could be known as the "soil age"

the dog likes to alarm that someone is using the stairs to get to his or her flat. how dare they!

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