Neil Maher writes well about American environmental history. But I find the work on the civil conservation corps more interesting than on the connection between scientists and the counter culture of the 1960ies (NASA et al.)


#Berlin.ers! Our seed saving/swapping and urban #gardening group is meeting up tomorrow to make plans for the new grow season! Sunday, 12th of January, Bar Tristeza, Pannierstr 5

Back in 1988, one year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tilda Swinton took her bike and cycled around the Berlin Wall, together with the filmmaker Cynthia Beatt. What they created came to be known as Cycling the Frame, and it’s a beautiful and surreal document that shows a city scarred by a wall that cut it in half.

That was a very strange day, where i got compliments by a big tech manager, a contract lawyer for refugee rescue organizations and a sweet 85 year old lady for doing a talk, doing a favor and just being around. Nice kind of strange.

Good morning people,
Was a rough night with little bit sleep, but these are the current days which will soon pass.

„One way to conserve energy and resources is to fix things that break rather than throwing them away.”

[…] So you begin to build your tool capability into the way you think about making things”
„you can combat the „maschines taking over“ by having better control of the technology you live with. It’s a good feeling. And it’s free“ (Baldwin 1978: 17).

"Making a deliberate effort to rais your own tool consciousness can result in some interesting new possibilities in your life. [...] tools are extensions of your hands. [...] But hands usually operate according to instructions from head, so it can also be said that tools are an extension of your mind.” - Baldwin: One Highly Envolved Toolbox.

A friend of me manages several content sites on fringebook for self-help and trauma related content. He saw some years ago that some of his friends tried to find informations on fringebook rather than local groups. Because of "organic reach" he had people view the content up to 200k times a week. He never made money or advertised the content. Since fringebook capped the OR, the view numbers are down to 15k a month. Because fringebook want to make money with your pain by trick you to advertise.

Misery loves company, so do stuff you would otherwise avoid with someone you like.

my nose is itchy, does the allergic season start that early this year?

3 more pages to go. than the only thing left is introduction and the end. ouf

"What are the consequences when human beings dwell in an environment that is predominantly built rather than given?" - Rosalind Williams

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