Guess I should jump on the bandwagon.

I'm Lara, a Romanian immigrant in #Berlin. Interested in #anarchosyndicalism, #coops, #punk and #postpunk, #harmreduction, #feminism, #activism. #decentralization on- and offline. I sometimes make conceptual #art and go to shows and exhibits and stuff. #1FCUnion, #StPauli, #Hapoel and #Rapid fan. I've started to grow #chili plants again. I boost A LOT, sorrynotsorry.

Check out my #feminist #horror fest:


@medusa are you familiar with the recent outpouring of Martin Veith? He published a few books about the syndicalist movement of romania in german and is editor of BUNA a german-romanian syndicalist magazin.

@syndikalista ohhh, thank you! I had heard (and promptly forgotten) about BUNA, but not of him. Thanks! Do you think the Berlin FAU chapter has any opies of his book or the magazines?

@medusa screwed up tha name: Pajait Musoiu is the book about, and i have something by him about the romainian movement of Gelati of 1916 in the 1. Edition of SYFO-Magazin

@syndikalista I'm guessing this is it? Martin Veith, Unbeugsam - Panait Mușoiu - ein Pionier des rumänischen Anarchismus, Lich, 2013 (German) Sounds interesting. Ahh the Galați workers' movement etc is something that also interests me from a family history perspective, jesus, I need to sit down haha. Never occured to me to research this stuff, me daft cow!


@medusa yeah, it is this book. currently Martin is working on a book about modern day romania, where he lived for nearly 10 years

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