#Manyverse sync post more than 4 months. ..

I am overwhelm by that bucket of data on my local device


@xj9 @syndikalista

Oh really, your words are little relieved to me.

which client do you use?

@xj9 @syndikalista

I cant install #Manyverse on my #Android 8.0 ROM now.

I guess upgrade the #ROM & try next week.

had installed #Manyverse on a family member device and sync with desktop #PatchWork

馃憤 for #Manyverse

@xj9 @syndikalista

what happened, just started desktop client and it seems it sync all feeds from that sub?

~/.ssb/ dir sized almost 300+ mb

and it sucked 1.3 gb mobile data for initial sync


@syndikalista My SSB public key is

@syndikalista I have been on the scuttleverse for a while: @k53z9zrXEsxytIE+38qaApl44ZJS68XvkepQ0fyJLdg=.ed25519

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