You under-estimate how many things you know that other people wish they could learn from you.

@syndikalista das beruht auf Gegenseitigkeit :)
Soll heißen, ich denke bei fast allen Menschen, ich könnte viel lernen, wenn sie es mir zutrauen und sich etwas Mühe geben würden.
Guten Morgen Gregor!
Isses heute besser?


I'd pretty much have to, I assume that is a 0 if not a full on NULL

@sydneyfalk sorry but I can't follow your thought stream, could you please elaborate?


I can't imagine things people would want to know how to do that I can do, because those sets all end up negating almost all my awareness, via dissociation. U11y* I have some fairly severe psych issues, so please, don't worry; following this stuff implies it has some actual information to import. it does not

* 'Unfortunately' when d10d**
** 'Decompressed' when d10d

(this whole thing was a joke, my apologies if that's unclear. I often am)

@sydneyfalk the joke side is no problem for me. But to just give you a hint, in which direction this could go: I know a few people dealing with severe stuff, these are looking always into skills and little practices of others to deal with their severe stuff. so, hypothetically you _have_ exactly what i described: things other people wish they could learn from you (which does not imply a need for or enforced sharing). :)


I can't actually deal.

They're better off with their wits than my fragmented explanations.

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