@syndikalista :)

The Problem is more in the parking-space, that wasted a lot more space then moving traffic .. ;)

@Drezil the problem is, that cities accept this kind of public space waste.

The main problem is that you do not have to pay the same.

If i want to build living-space in the city i could fit a tiny-house on a parking-space.. a usual spot costs 40-60鈧/Month.

If i have the same space-usage for a non-movable tiny-house the cost are way bigger than that.

Cars get subsidized so much..
~80% of the transportation-budget goes into streets; only ~20% into public transportation..

You have to pay for the tram, but not for using the street..

anticapitalist.party/@syndikal From:@syndikalista
This image continues to be a bit dishonest about the potential of cars, but damn if this isn't the best edit.

@syndikalista But automatic good social distancing. 馃槈

Maybe a meme for summer 2021.

@VictorVenema @syndikalista had to take the bus for the first time in months this morning and it was just :oh_no: :blobsweats:

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