"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"


Also not enough, "Defund the military machine which is polluting the planet heavily in both the literal & figurative sense, thanks."


@xenophora anti-militarism is the backbone of environmental justice.

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I wish someone would tell environmental "leadership" in the U.S. that. Their whole shtick seems to be selling swag, licking the duopoly's boots, and punching left.. decade after decade. :/


That's why I have this pinned, and thanks for the reminder that substituting "environmentalism" for "anti-fascism" works every bit as well.


@xenophora i would disagree in that antifascism is a very narrow type of politics while environmentalism is a broader one with different types of goals and associated tactics. But anti-militarism still can be a connecting bracked around both.


Well, it doesn't feel narrow to me, especially given that the chuds keep appearing in my town like clockwork to serve as de facto cop deputies and the only thing keeping them out at the moment is dangerous air quality. 🤷

@xenophora this(tm) is an atleast 90 years old discussion (about the narrowness of antifascism).
And the US is a strange environment now.

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