"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"

@syndikalista Your point is all right and valid, but these corporations are part of the highly centralized and partially state-owned energy sector: They are just big. Of course our electricity, fuel and heat production and consumption is responsible for most of our emissions, but that's not a particular fault of those corporations.

@adrianheine the corporations are responsible in how the approach their business practices.
It is so easy to make the individual accountable, why is it so hard to do the same with these corps?

@syndikalista Their business practices are extracting, processing, distributing and converting of fossil fuels. There's quite some room for doing that less wrong than they did, but it's bad and wrong no matter how you do it and those corporations are not responsible for people doing it for the last 150 years.

@syndikalista These 71% of emissions are consequences of our mode of production, our wars, our lifestyle. Whether they were made by 100 corporations or by 1000 doesn't matter.

@adrianheine To me it sounds like you are pinpointing back the responsibility to the mass of individuals.
This centralisation and enforcing power is a current relationship, that is true.
I disagree, that neither the fact of the 100 corps nor the structure behind matters.

@syndikalista Okay, I didn't mean to imply individual consumer responsibility, I guess that's the issue. I just don't see invididual producer responsibility, either, and I feel like this »100 corps« thing suggests that.

@adrianheine @syndikalista yes it does. Because these companies lied to us about plastic recycling. The public was turning on plastic, so they engaged in a PR campaign about how they would invest in recycling. They didn’t and even started to put the recycle label on all plastic to make us feel good.

A few plastics can be recycled, the rest are burned, buried, or dumped. They could change, the tech exists, but it was cheeper to run commercials.

@adrianheine @syndikalista and they lied about other things too. We used to make companies clean up their messes and charged them for it. Used to also make them recycle their own products.

But making money got in the way and so that kind of stuff had to go.

Companies should be responsible for the junk they make and push on us. And we should stop demanding companies always make a profit. Part of the market is making things that break so we will buy a new one.

@adrianheine @syndikalista Its all very complicated and plastic has been a boon to society. But if we don’t get it and other waste under control we will lose the ability to have nice things.

The fastest way to ensure something evolves that is air born and likes to eat plastic is to keep going like we are. Imagine everything plastic around you degrading because of a fungus.

Yeah it will be expensive, but those companies can actually afford it.

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