How come there are so stark similiartites between anarchism (of either brand) and free market neo-liberalism? Is anarchism the poor man's free market ideology?

@simsa02 because there is a strong economical tradition which is close to liberalism. Especially in the French and American traditions

You mean a "strong economic tradition" inside anarchism?

@simsa02 yes. From the mutualists of French and Belgium origin to American market anarchism. It is there.

Oh! Well, can I do a follow-up?

Given what you explained, what is the difference (theory, practice, take your pick) between anarchism and libertarianism?

@simsa02 libertarianism of American tradition is against regulatory institutions (mainly the state) and sees human ingenuity as the solution to most problems. Anarchism is for participatory institutions, even regulatory ones, instead of ingenuity, they go for cooperation and mutual aid. That's the main difference I would say.

@simsa02 no. Because the French and Belgians stressed cooperation of individuals, not the Individual. Nobody won in this misery, that is the ongoing economy

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