Do you know any historical documents where s react to the "International Exhibition" (Worlds Fair) before 1938? I.e. the Barcelona Exhibition of 1888?
i heard rumors of members visiting the on in 1915 to learn about assembly line technologies and motorized farming equipment. And that french anarchists visited them in Paris and Brussels. But maybe someone can point a direction.

Actually i am surprised,
i never really liked Gaston Leval (but i can not remember a reason), but this article has so much about why i chose about 5/6 years ago to go with libertarian instead of / :

1st International Conference of and (ICAGG) – Geography, social change and antiauthoritarian practices


it is strange for me, that people have difficulties to imagine a system for a time after . as if it is a one-person-thing to do. as if a transition to an other thing is only a thing of voluntary wishing/imagination. a new society is about and , without surplus creation in production or through market mediation. if you say you do not know your needs and interests, that is not a problem of society.

The thing most s and even get wrong about the / is, that the important thing to learn from it is less between 1936-39 (beside there are tons of material to learn from). The most important thing to learn is, that it was a of more than 70 years until it happenend (and they did try earlier a lot of times).

there is an old (italian?) saying: "An teacher who gets elected to the will do [there] less harm than in ."

Who wants to talk more about from a history approach? What does interest you?

ACP 🎉🍰

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