This is a great reading list (with 1 paragraph sum) for people interested in , , Ecological Awakening, Individual Action, New , Transforming and so on and on: the list is available as PDF and Gdoc

Do you have radical resources for building driven ? And resources to include local research driven problem assessments? I still dream about a reopen of the Schools of syndicalism, or a Workers Highschool with seasonal topics centered around , , resistance and going beyond sustainability

Any literature recommendations on storing in different climatic s? maybe knows something?

I am totally amazed by the recently development of my research topics.
* 4 courses only about the and social of china and surrounding countries (mainly related)
* 2 courses about stuff which is assessed by an history approach
* 2 courses about the middle age in ("water projects" and history)
* 2 courses about history and public opinion/sphere)
* 2 courses about ancient european technological societies ( until 200 AC)


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