Was bin ich froh, wenn diese scheiß Impfungen irgendwann mal durch sind. Meine fresse.


@anarchiv emotional and care related. Organisational as well.


@anarchiv coercion and unresolved conflict sprinkled on the morning flakes.

@amsomniac nice. You will go far (and maybe get wet feeds, but that's what happens walking)

Sorry for friendly ambitious nerding.

Actually, no, no sorry for that.

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Life hack. Just love stuff. Love a waitress, love a dog, love the lizard that’s being eaten by the dog, love the smell of those cheap perfume, love the eerie stillness at 3am on an empty suburban drive

"Today I learned that “rivals,” originally, just meant two people who lived on the banks of the same river.

But, since people who live on the same river usually fight over water rights, the word “rivals” came to mean anybody in an “unfriendly competition.”"

Malatesta is still the best introduction to (western) anarchism there is. way better than the bread book.


We washed her and combed her, but still an exploded much hair left...

@reclus Yes, we need to get back to Europa Universalis! Wait, that was not the proposal?


@anthra ich hab einige Beeinträchtigungen. Und ich hab nen Dickschädel. die meisten dinge, die ich angeblich nicht tun kann, sind moralisierender oder konventioneller natur: "Man tut das nicht", oder "Das schaffst du nicht". Ich hab das ständige abwerten satt.

It is interesting, when people tell me, that i can not do something.
Okay, let me do what I can`t.

"it is a blessing to be yourself, just not always to be in your own skin."

"To create the situation where each person may live by working freely, without being forced to sell his work and his liberty to others who accumulate wealth by the labour of their serfs - that is what the coming revolution must do" - Kropotkin

He truely was a spirited man.

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