@savagegoose please do not get me wrong, I find this wonderful but different from myself, while I assume to be an optimist in most regards.

@andrej nein. Bewusstsein fΓΌr eine Sache alleine reicht nicht. Bewusstmachen ist eine unzureichende Theory of change.

The 'If-everyone-else-shared-all-my-beliefs' Theory-of-Change.

-- keep all those pesky pragmatists away!

@RedFuture @brisling last time germany tried that, they had to make a holiday resort out of the effort to not have wasted only money but also space...


@simsa02 argument seems to be, that the original virus is replaced by the mutation(s) and will be the new dominant form spreading.


So, Lauterbach talk about the beginning of a second pandemic (because the first was not handled correctly). Well well, how will that be handled....

Anprim drama 

@kittenlikeasmallcat what is the reason to deal with unpleasant people?

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