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I will no longer be clicking on any links to

I'm just done.

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PSA: is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

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Kansas City wobbly/artist/worker/anarcho-somethingorother.

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them

I like messing with Linux/Free Software, electronics, decentralized networks, encryption, making musical instruments, seizing the means of production, and yelling at cops.

I also like helping people when I can, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm the one in need of help.



Went fossil hunting today. We found a 4-foot long section of Mammoth tusk. After finding this, we spent the rest of the trip excavating it and transporting it back to the truck.

This is the largest tusk we have ever found and it probably weighs about 100 pounds. It will now be stabilized and preserved using a lot of TLC and Butvar.

We are the first humans to ever see this 13,000+ year old piece of Mammoth. Finds like these is what amateur paleontology is all about. #paleontology #fossils

RT Helping adults learn to not call the police with an image commonly used for kindergartners is incredibly my brand


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Ballotpedia asks for your full street address and is super disorganized IMO. It should not be as complicated as they make it. Does anyone have a better option?

Oh hey. My partner went to Festival and brought me back this sweet travel mug!

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A good number of telemarketers are incarcerated people working for pennies while on work release.

Next time you accidentally pick up one of these calls, tell whoever's on the other end about the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

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Sometimes surprised at the things that *aren't* Creative Commons.

You fuckin' serious, Kimya?

boost if you remember hey arnold or would love to decapitate every cop

capitalists: “Under communism you won’t even have your own home, you have to share a tiny space with a bunch of strangers”

also capitalists:

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