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Kansas City wobbly/artist/worker/anarcho-somethingorother.

Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them

I like messing with Linux/Free Software, electronics, decentralized networks, encryption, making musical instruments, seizing the means of production, and yelling at cops.

I also like helping people when I can, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm the one in need of help.

💸 PayPal is dead to me.

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Hey, PSA that these kind of cool and creepy looking ceramic models of human heads with areas marked off with different labels/functions are an artifact of - a long-debunked 18th Century that attempted to rationalize systemic racism, sexism, ableism, and classism.

Here's an easy rule of thumb: If you're comparing skulls and/or head shapes/sizes to prove a point about the differences between categories of humans, that's phrenology, and it is absolute 100% pure bullshit.

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I will no longer be clicking on any links to

I'm just done.

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PSA: is a very bad, Fash-adjacent peddler of dangerous pseudoscience and garbage medical advice.

0/0, Do not recommend.

(They sometimes come up as a top result when searching medical/diet things, which is why I bring this up.)

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Brian Tyler Cohen on Twitter: "Holy shit. Katie Porter holds the CDC Director's feet to the fire and gets him to commit to FREE TESTING for coronavirus for ALL AMERICANS. Watch every second of this." / Twitter

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is organizing around a moratorium on
* Rent increases
* Evictions
* expansion of homelessness services.

They have a petition at

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tooting "joe biden drop out challenge" every day until he quits (1) 

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look someone has to say it, italy has over 10,000 cases of corona virus, its time we boycot anything with the mario brothers in it, olive oil, and just to be safe the ninja turtles

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More on I.Q. -- Snark 

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happy int’l working women’s day

women prison guards, women cops, women wardens, women ICE agents, and women parole officers can all eat shit :acab:

Alright idk wtf @ derekhallenstein @'s deal is, but they're using IQ as an insult which is some ableist eugenics shit, and telling people to vote for Biden. So, ♻️

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dieting journal 

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"Today marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Ivanna Hoffman, who died fighting alongside YPG/YPJ forces against ISIS in Syria.

Ivanna Hoffman, born in Germany, was the first internationalist women to be killed in the fight against ISIS.

Şehid Namirin! "

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hitting white feminists in the ankles with my razor scooter which I have labeled 'centrist' they fall to the ground, fully defeated

Whoever coined the word "prurient" clearly never intended for it to be spoken out loud.

Uspol, election, 45, Bloomberg 

Well, idk. We'll see how things go in the next couple days...

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Oh, I gotta move my weather report thing over here. ⛈️

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Things I wanted to be, birth through elementary school:
— Cat
— Veterinarian
— Teacher
— Book reviewer
— Food stylist
— Scatologist

Things I wanted to be, middle school:
— Mortician
— Historian (vague)
— Political speech writer

Things I wanted to be, high school:
— Historian (vaguer)
— Classics student
— Off-grid societal drop-out living in a handmade cottage on a subsistence farming commune

If you aren't already aware, I am

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