I love windows convertible tablets that have the default orientation as portrait because it means you don't just get blue screen of death, you get SIDEWAYS blue screen of death

@Efi @masklayer That has got to be the single worst keyboard on the face of the earth.


@Efi @masklayer does this have any sort of tactile feedback?

@teslas_moustache @masklayer imagine the same keyboard, but split in two parts and with no letters printed on it

@Efi @masklayer you can't possibly touch type with this. If you're gonna go this far, you might as well have a secondary touch screen dedicated to the keyboard. At least that way you could change the configuration if you like.

@Efi @masklayer sure. But you could conceivably touch type with it, and it has (built-in, mechanical)tactile feedback. More than this has. Not saying I'd enjoy it, but it certainly pisses me off less on a conceptual level.

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