I always seem to do my on Saturdays. More time and energy I guess.

I built a coldframe! It's like a tiny greenhouse for growing greens in the winter. It's not quite done because I don't have any hinges or money to buy them. But it's built entirely out of salvaged materials so far. Pallet wood and an old window. Even the nails all came from the pallet.

@teslas_moustache I think has some stuff about wooden hinges if you have the time.


Do you have a few old scraps of leather or even cloth?

That wont be as durable as "proper" hinges, but can do the job.

@teslas_moustache Very nice! My Dad built a coldframe years ago, also from found materials. In his case it was an old window frame and bits of plywood. He used it to start seedlings earlier, so plants were only there a few weeks and no worry about leaching from the wood.

@teslas_moustache that looks great! Any idea what you’re going to grow in it?

@whakkee Kinda thinkin' about Swiss Chard to start out. I got some seeds for it, and they never seem to do well in an open bed. Some rodent around here finds young seedlings very tasty.

@teslas_moustache I still have some chards in my raised bed from the previous season - that stuff just keeps growing, and can be used in various recipes

@teslas_moustache Anything bendy you could staple to the top and frame as a very old-school hinge? Bicycle tube scraps maybe?

@clew ya know, I had a huge ball of twine at my dad's house, but I think it got left there when he moved. That would've worked.

@teslas_moustache Something flat, something with width will be more stable against twisting. Rectangles of leather are the _really_ traditional approach. Several thicknesses of cloth scraps, maybe?

Bike shops usually have a lot of dead tubes, they might just give you one.

@clew I got a couple hinges, so it's taken care of. 🤷‍♀️

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