Krass, Amazon. Sehr krass.


Amazon is hiring 'intelligence analysts', who should work
on 'sensitive topics that are highly confidential, including labor organizing threats against the company' and spy on 'organized labor, activist groups, hostile political leaders'.

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i rly like invert journal from the texts i've read so far

(wife is fuming about something work related)

Me: call your union

(She wordlessly picks up her phone)

Me: did I just remind you that you have a union

Her: yes

which of our needs can radical movements and projects fulfill today? is it possible to widen that appeal?

Hey uhm so I'm currently in the US until mid-may but when I get back to the UK I'm probably going to be homeless, if you or someone you know would be willing to let me crash with you for a week or two I'd really appreciate it <3 please lmk? I'm getting really worried..

Oh toll! Der Film "Luft zum Atmen" kann jetzt kostenlos angesehen werden.

Luft zum Atmen
40 Jahre Opposition bei Opel in Bochum

"We will have to smash not just the factory machines, but also the bathtubs, […]"
some more souvka shit in endnotes

I think endnotes "The Logic of Gender" is still the best account of capitalist sphere seperation I've encountered so far. It's non-essentialist and has clearer distinctions than just "public/private" & "productive / reproductive".

Noticed today that I should shift my way of engaging with theory to a more active, involved position. Understanding stuff is fine, but creatively engaging with it is more fulfilling.

This doesn't really get me towards praxis™, but at the very least my relation to theory could stand becoming less one of consumption.

Does anyone have good sources on anarchist-syndicalist theory of social transformation beyond seizing the workplaces? Maybe anything by/about the mujeres libres?

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