The Guardian, TERF mention 

Lol, The Guardian cut the stuff about terfs allying with fascists from that Judith Butler interview, post-publication:

clicked myself a bookwyrm account over at cutebook dot club

Periodical reminder that the concept of a "personal carbon footprint" was literally a marketing campaign by British Petroleum

Ella, an activist who was evicted from the occupied Dannenröder Forest in Hessen, Germany, was yesterday sentenced to 27 months in jail. The sentence was based on contradictory evidence from anonymous SEK officers, and is considered to be a political sentence designed to set an example.

The forest was occupied to protest the construction of yet another highway, and was evicted by police last Autumn in brutal and dangerous manner. Since November 26 Ella has been in preventive prison awaiting trial.

The struggle against highway construction in Germany continues!

See also @keinea49

Love and Rage!
#DanniBleibt #Ella

Today’s card is The Sun, wishing you success and celebration today. Put your fears behind you and move forward in joy

Ciao everyone!

What do people use/know as being a decent alternative to Audacity?
I've read about a fork called Tenacity, but it seems to still be a work in progress.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Bitte untersützen und teilen!

Brandanschlag Keep Akwaaba Hair & Art Studio alive

Am Freitag wurde durch einen Brandanschlag der Friseursalon Akwaaba Hair & Art Studio in Erkrath zerstört und damit auch der Existenz und Schaffensort von Jenny und Sidney.


@queerstelle started it. Now they need our support. Lets make the first forest occupation of Berlin together! Come join!✊🏻❤🖤

hegels racist bullshit 

world history can't be made by people who live in hot or cold places, you see

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syrian revolution and civil war adjacent 

just listened to a talk about the council movement in the non-kurdish parts of syria during the revolution

it's sad how this part seems to have been overlooked by many leftists

Erinnerung fürs Wochende: Online-Tagung zu antiautoritärem Kommunismus

ugh so much stuff that would be interesting to read

job search for Linux sysadmin, boost+ :boost_ok:​ 

Dear friends,

I’m a Brazilian immigrant and trans woman, looking for a new job in Germany. Been doing Linux sysadmin’ing since 2001. I have experience also with programming, tech writing and translation.

The job needs to be registered locally in Germany. I’m living in the country since 2017, and I can commute in the NRW area or work remotely.

I’m fluent in English, know Japanese, and my German is currently at B2.

For CV and personal info DM me.

Thanks everybody for boosts and references!

halfway through this talk, really liking it so far (cn police violence, anti-Black violence and death, …)

like she dubbed the text "anarchist state socialism" so yeah

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Reading a friends summary on her reading of stuff on the Spanish Revolution and… The CNT wasn't that great, huh

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