This is one of the best feminist talks I have heard and I hope everyone listens to it at least once. "The Woman Hating Right & Left" by Andrea Dworkin:

US mad about 95% approval of Russian annexation in Ukraine? The 'sham' is 95% of Hawaiians *rejected* annexation, and America stole our country anyway, banned our language and culture.

I'm a Star Trek fan, but I haven't been able to enjoy or keep up with any of the current Trek shows. Couldn't finish Picard season 2. Couldn't really get past the first episode of Strange New Worlds, which was comprised entirely of cheeseball one-liners, like the movie Armageddon. Discovery started off rather humorless and then quickly ramped up intensity to the "we are in danger of destroying all universes" level where I completely lost interest.

Should I give them another chance?

I am enjoying The Rings of Power. It doesn't hold a candle to the LOTR trilogy movies, but it's much better at least than The Hobbit movies. It suffers from some Hollywood tropes and of course the writing isn't Tolkien level, but I actually care about some of the characters.

medical, acupuncture 

my wife has been dealing with some pain and strange sensations (maybe nerve related) in her arm and back, she made an appointment with a doctor (which will be in like 2 or 3 months because that's how it works these days).

She received today for the first time and described feeling a warm throbbing sensation through the affected area during the procedure (not where the needles were placed, mind you) and feels a lot better already after one session!?

I'm fairly certain the first time I ran Vim as a Linux newbie, ~ 23 years ago, I "exited" by powering off the system. I'm also pretty sure that only happened once. Now, I won't use an editor or IDE without a Vim mode.

Programming advice: you don't need to import a client library for a web service if all you need to do is POST some JSON or form data to an HTTP endpoint with an Authorization header. It's almost never worth the cost of adding third party library dependencies to your code.

I took some photos of Bern in nice light. Which ones do you prefer?

(See thread)

Intestine Baalism is a criminally obscure death metal band that includes elements of melodic death metal into old-school/brutal death metal without sounding like a typical "melodeath" band at all.

In the US, the only* place you can stream their latest album is YT:

The only* way to purchase it is to buy a CD from the label:

* that I know

Review scores for all three of their studio albums average in the 90s!

"Family Separations" meaning kidnapping


Biden promised he would end family separations.

Instead, Biden is still keeping migrant children from their parents. 16/


List of MIME types

- serious
- clownish
- silent film comedian
- blue man
- overtly French

Does anyone know of a camera app for Android that allows you to take pictures that aren't color and white balanced to hell? The stock camera app has almost no options and destroys the dynamic range of pictures I'm trying to take.

Nathan Fielder is a huge creep, in addition to all the other things, like being pretty clever at times. I don't know why we as a society give artists a pass to be fucking creeps and abusers. I'm not saying you can't enjoy art made by creeps, but don't pretend they aren't creepy.

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