I want to bring attention to which is a C and assembly compiler toolchain that supports #6502 #65816 and #68000 processors.

It runs on Mac/Win/Linux and has direct support for building programs for and machines with serial port debugging (maybe not working on C64, yet). It comes with excellent user manuals for each architecture, this is the 6502 manual:

TIL: purely numeric hashtags don't work on mastodon. Let's try these instead:

@thezerobit oh, is there any interest/support from the developers for NES dev usage?

@thezerobit oh, it’s closed source, that’s a bit disappointing.

Interesting, I thought I had done #6502 before but can't find any evidence of it.
Going to have to keep that in mind, thanks.

I tend to use #mos6502 but you have to try everything really - hashtags are the main discovery mechanism in the fediverse, other than the FAOF system.

@notawizard @thezerobit

@EdS @thezerobit
That's good one.
And I guess also #mos6510 to target c64 specifically, and I've seen mention of #6502asm

Hopefully if we create a trail of related hashtags and people will follow them as they see fit.

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