Got an email from Gideon's Logic saying that the first assembled Ultimate-64 boards from the factory passed testing and he'll be sending out units over the coming weeks. Now is probably a great time to order if you want in on this batch. I'm looking forward to having a working C64 again.

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Oh wow, this is great news!! I can't afford another one, but I'm glad to hear he's still going with them!


fire up "The Tuneful Eight" soon after you get it (:

(Then if you feel like being silly, set up the network sid streaming and use one of the programs that can play it remotely to get the audio, and either record it, or just listen in headphones...)

@thezerobit Interesting. Do you know if this batch has the Koala pad fix ? I have a low serial original U64 (not E) .. but might be curious to get an updated one with the hardware fix ..

@ericgus I would assume so, since the docs say "Newer U64 boards" have the fix and this batch is being manufactured as we speak.

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