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I'm moving accounts. My new account is @lexi. Please follow me there!

I'm moving accounts. My new account is @lexi. Please follow me there!

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Darling: to run macOS apps on Linux!

Linux: to be THE ONE platform to run everything no matter the origin?

Basically Darling does pretty much the same for macOS software that Wine does for Linux to run Windows software.

In the long run, the devs would like to be able to run also iOS apps on ARM devices (like most Android phones).

Willing to contribute? Please contact them via link!

== >
#Darling #Darwin #macOS #Linux #AppleLinux


Also, ich vermisse Sophie Passmann und ihren White Feminism im Fediverse ja gar nicht. Vielleicht sollten wir uns eher wirklich intersektionale Feministen suchen...

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ableist language, question about which words people use 

Which words do you use instead of Crazy and Insane?

I keep wanting to write them, but I also want to get away from using them.

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Best review of Oceans 8: "It took eight women to do the work of eleven men." 📽️

Nein, ich folge der Digitalcourage auch im Fediverse nicht, solange sie antisemitische Symbole hofieren und das dann auch noch rechtfertigen wollen.

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After some thinking I have decided to block on my server. After a long discussion yesterday I was able to convince them to re-enable reports, but in that discussion I ran into red flags that made me believe their moderation decisions would not be sound - like wanting to be absolved from responsibility for white supremacist content posted on user profiles. That is a huge indicator of what kind of member of the fediverse they will be, and I am not for it. I also cannot recommend their service for any marginalized group.
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Peterson, masculinity 

I think one of my deepest problems with Peterson is that he's co-opted the discourse around healthy masculine energy.

At this point, these miserable, backwards-looking buttholes have so poisoned the idea that masculinity can be strong, awesome and valuable, that it's hard to even discuss ways to build that reality, without spending most of your time preemptively trying to prove you're not fash (and secretly worrying that you are/will become so).

The idea that someone so wretched as Peterson and his frown-faced acolytes could have anything to say about how masculinity is renewed, offends my gut.


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Go Home, „Mehrheitswahl ohne Wahlvorschlag“ bei der Kommunalwahl, you're drunk. In dem Modus kriegt jeder einen leeren Wahlzettel und muss von Hand Kandidaten eintragen, die man wählen will.

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"Yeah, so I found out my new house is haunted."
"You know who you should call? Ghostbusters!"
"Oh? Do they have an email address?"
"Just call them!"
"Ah. Can I text them?"
"No, just call them."
"Um. Never said I minded the ghost. It's not that bad."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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gender, gender neutral pronouns 

If it's not too difficult in your language, consider using gender neutral pronouns (such as they/them) by default for people you don't know or who haven't told you their pronouns, even if they look like a stereotypical "girl" or "guy"!

I was watching a video where a person was going through creations their fans sent them, and they used gender neutral terms and pronouns for all of the people who's creations they showcased. With every video of this type they release, they get many comments thanking them for use of gender neutral pronouns! There have been people who looked like "girls" but weren't and so on who were very thankful, as well as trans people not included in the video that felt more confident and accepted as a result of someone being more inclusive and respectful. You can't tell someone's gender by the way they look, and you can't assume that everyone you meet who's not androgynous is cis :)

Chatten mit Riot (Symbolbild)

(Natürlich sagen das alle Devices, und keins davon hat den Key)

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Friendly reminder regarding CoCs 

If you think a CoC is a problem you
a) are part of the problem that CoCs are trying to address
b) have been successfully gamed by people who are part of the problem into being their tool.

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Nazis, Konzentrationslager 

Warum wollen Nazis eigentlich offenbar am liebsten KZs bewachen?! Sowohl historisch als auch heute.

Die sind irgendwie ihre eigene Parodie.

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